15" PE dvc's vs. 15" titanic mk3's

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Kenny WH, Feb 6, 2004.

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    Last year I built a sub using a pair of PartsExpress dvc 15's pushed by a QSC plx 1602(1100w @8ohm bridged). Each sub runs sealed in 4 cu.ft. and along with a little eq'ing(bfd) I can get very nice repsonse out of it at VERY respectable spls. I'm considering building another sub with identical dimensions and was wondering how the MK3's would do in that airspace compared to the DVC's. Anyone done any modeling comparing these drivers?

    If the MK3's would be a noticable gain in performance, I'd use them in the new sub and eventually replace the current DVC's with them as well.

    Any suggestions or thoughts on these drivers or others that would work in roughly 4cu.ft. is appreciated.

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    Just a rough model shows that the MKIII's will reach a little lower (1-3 hz lower F3). They have the potential to get ~1.5db louder from 20-38hz when driven hard and they even off from there. They also have a similar Q in that box. It looks to me that the difference may not be worth the price. If you were upgrading to Tumults with bigger amp etc- it would be a different story.

    If you're looking for something different why not consider porting? You could port one DVC (to save space ~6-7cf @20hz) or port both for big SPL. If you wanted to try a different driver - port a single MKIII (6.5cf @20hz).

    Something I may try soon is to port a Tempest, DVC, or MKIII in around 7cf and have three 3" flared ports. This will allow you to adjust port freq. by plugging a port or two. You could have 18hz (1 plugged) for audiophile sound or no plugs for all out SPL tuned to 24hz.

    I hope I gave you some useful ideas. [​IMG]

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