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Michael St. Clair

Senior HTF Member
May 3, 1999
I'm serious about remembering reviews where the picture quality was touted as better on the DTS version. The implication was that the lack of extras more than made up for the full-bitrate DTS track, and that as a result the video ended up encoded at a higher average bitrate on the DTS version (not just the overall bitrate).

Sticking both versions in a DVD-ROM drive and analyzing the file sizes would make it easy to verify this.

Richard Smith

Stunt Coordinator
May 26, 2000
The only problem I have with this DVD is the lack of the still gallery from the laserdisc version, which contained some good looks at various advertising materials.
Like some other early Universal Collector's Editions(like Vertigo) the still gallery is hidden in the chapter index for the documentary. I think Scarface is like this as well.
I remember when the rumours first started floating around of an Ultimate Edition and wondering why one was needed. The main new extra that was mentioned was deleted scenes and, if I'm remembering correctly, Gilliam says on the commentary that every scene in the script was shot and that every scene shot is in the film. I'm wondering if this Ultimate Edition was perhaps just wishful thinking on a fans part and was never in production.
And Veli-Matti Reitti: If this is one of your favourite films you might as well get the current version. The film looks great, sounds good and the extras are better than 99% of the DVD's out there.

Veli-Matti Reitti

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 29, 2001
Of course it is obvious that i haven't seen the documentary which is correct. I didn't realize that it was that long and good for that matter. Which is naturally a matter of opinion. But i'll take your word for it. I based my argument on a false rumour as it seems. I thought it was a "reliable" source but there we have it once again you should never believe what you hear. :b

Since i personally am a huge fan of both Gilliam and Willis and the movie too. I really don't have much of a choice anymore. I better pick it up and judge for myself since the SE or UE wont be released anytime soon.

I am truly sorry about my inaccurate statement.:b

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