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12 Angry Men (1954) (1 Viewer)

Dan Rudolph

Senior HTF Member
Dec 30, 2002
Accordign to IMDB news, a kinetiscope of the 1954 teleplay original of this movie was found after being long-assumed lost forever. As the 1957 is one of my all-time favorite movies, I'm interested in this. I was wondering if anyone knows who has the rights to this. Is it public domain by now? Also, what kind of shape is it in? Could they just slap it on a DVD or does it need a restoration?

David Von Pein

Senior HTF Member
Feb 4, 2002
Just recently re-watched the great 1957 B&W Classic, "12 Angry Men", with
H. Fonda (et al). ..... And roared with laughter at the Original Trailer, which totally misrepresents the attitudes and actions of the 12 jury members.

"Twelve men...turned into twelve clawing animals!" is a line used in the overly-dramatic trailer. :laugh:

This is far from what we see in the film. While tempers DO flare, these men are far from be turned into "clawing animals" (with the one exception where Lee Cobb goes after Henry).

Anyway, just thought that was kinda funny, how the Trailer to a picture sometimes doesn't give such an overall accurate representation of said film. I'm sure there are others that tend to "exaggerate" a bit in the promotions of the movie, too.

Also -- those who might have the "12 Angry Men" DVD -- note how all of the scenes shown in the Trailer do not match exactly with the corresponding scenes in the final cut of the movie itself, with also several "added" grunts & snarls from Lee J. Cobb in that one really angry scene (which were cut out of the film). The dialogue is slightly different in tone on the trailer.

Great film though...despite a somewhat out-of-bounds Theatrical Trailer. :)

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