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Don O'Brien

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 12, 2000
For those still spinning on the big platter. I have sold both of my pioneer CLD 704 players and have the follow list for sale.
I would like to sell the lot intact for 400 dollars + shipping. All are widescreen, and the soundtrack has been designated. Quite a few DD, a couple of DTS.
Disk Title
Terminator 2 PCM
Star Trek Generations PCM
Outbreak -DD
True Lies DD
Apocalypse Now PCM
Johnny Mnemonic PCM
Die Hard with a Vengeance PCM
First Knight PCM
Braveheart DD
Waterworld PCM
The Shadow PCM
Total Recall PCM
Clear and Present Danger DD
The Professional PCM
Witness PCM
The Fugitive PCM
Pick Floyd-The Wall PCM
The Hunt for Red October PCM
The Shawshank Redemption PCM
Die Hard 2 PCM
Lethal Weapon 2 PCM
Speed PCM
A Few Good Men PCM
Patriot Games DD
Golden Eye DD
Get Shorty DD
Mr Holland's Opus DD
The Bridges of Madison County PCM
Babe PCM
Miracle on 34th Street (not orig) PCM
The Commitments PCM
BeetleJuice PCM
The last of the Mohicans PCM
Bad Boys PCM
Nick of Time DD
The Law Mower Man PCM
Stange Days -DD
Immortal Beloved- DD
Malcom X PCM
Assassins PCM
Stargate PCM
Up Close and Personal PCM
Casino PCM
Fargo PCM
Heat PCM
Powder PCM
The Power of One PCM
Man Trouble PCM
Executive Decision PCM
The Abyss PCM
Dead Presidents PCM
Twister- DD
Unforgettable DD
Ricahrd III DD
Rumble in the Bronx- DD
The American President PCM
The Scarlet Letter PCM
Dr. Moreau (Brando, Kilmer) DD
12 Monkeys DD- Sold 10232001
Mulholland Falls DD
Primal Fear PCM
Flesh and Bone PCM
Jurrasic Park- PCM
Jurassic Park DTS
Predator PCM
Gattaca- DD
The Crossing Guard- DD
Things to Do in Denver When Your Dead -DD
Last Man Standing- DD
The Lion King PCM
Leap of Faith PCM
The Prophecy PCM
Streets of Fire PCM
Dead Man Walking - DD
Pulp Fiction- DTS- sold 10232001
Volcano- DD
Con Air- DD
The Mask- DTS
Maximum Risk PCM
Star Trek - First Contact DD
Divine Madness- Midler in Concert 4:3
Ransom- DD
She's The One PCM
Dragonheart - PCM
Independence Day -DD
The Arrival- DD (1st movie)
Escape from LA- PCM
The Silence of the Lambs PCM
Before and After PCM
The Phantom PCM
Apollo 13 - PCM
The Doors - DD
Top Gun- PCM
The Lost World- JP II - DTS
Species- DD
Mission Impossible - DD
Albino Alligator DD
The Secret Garden PCM
Conspiracy Theory- DD
James Taylor at Squibnocket- PCM 4:3
Leaving Las Vegas - DD
Mary Reilly -DD
Two Bits PCM
Trial and Error PCM
Neil Diamond - Hits Live - PCM 4:3
Broken Arrow - DD
The Saint - DD
Face Off DD
The Ghost and the Darkness - DD
The English Patient - DTS-sold 10232001
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Jeff Whitford

Dec 31, 1998
Im interested in The Commitments,Volcano and The English Patient DTS if you will sell them seperately.
Jeff Whitford
Hometheater Guru

Don O'Brien

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 12, 2000
Being that there is little interest in the discs as a group, I have decided to sell the disks individually or in groups.
If anyone is interested, shoot me an email.
Don O'Brien

Don O'Brien

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 12, 2000
To those who interested, once you have confirmed your desire to purchase available disks and agree on the price I will mark them sold. There are still many available.
Don O'Brien

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