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05/15 Ed - What happened (Missed middle because of news cut in) (1 Viewer)

Bryan Acevedo

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Aug 7, 2001
OK - my wife and I are watching Ed last night (season finale) when our local "news" cuts in to bring us up to speed on a wildfire that is happening 100 miles away. They did this on the first commercial, but then took us back to Ed. Well, on the second commercial, they decide to keep us up to speed for over 20 minutes. So we missed the middle of Ed. Needless to say, we were pissed. We could care less about seeing tankers drop retardent on the fire, or watching million dollar homes go up in flames. I am sorry for these people, but they don't need to cut into MY show, the season finale none-the-less, to show me an airplane dropping red dust!

So can anyone tell me what happened?

We saw up to the point where Ed went into the restaraunt (and left)
. And then it picked back up again when they were at the carnival, and were getting on the ferris wheel

So what happened in between? We got that they were going on a trip
but we weren't sure exactly what else happened.




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Apr 20, 1999
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Ed thought the principal guy proposed to Carol after he left the restaurant but found out the next day from Carol that he only asked her to go away for the summer.

Then the principal confronted Ed at his bowling alley office because he found out that Ed asked the jewelry store person about the buyer of the ring. They were quarreling until the principal told Ed that he got what he wanted from Carol--to be friends with her--then things calmed down.

The gang went to the carnival together. Ed found out that Carol and the principal would be leaving in a few hours that night. Ed's buddy cunningly got Carol to ride the ferris wheel so that she and Ed could be together alone one last time.


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