1. DaveF

    How do I upload HD video to Youtube from iOS?

    Anyone know how to upload HD video from an iPad to YouTube? I upload from the YouTube app and my videos come out as 480p max quality. I’ve got YT set to upload in HD (and now full quality). I’ve let them “sit” overnight and 720p and 1080p don’t appear after googles servers chew on them. I’m...
  2. Sam Posten

    First episode of Twilight Zone 2019 is on Youtube
  3. MartinV

    For Sale: Matrox Monarch HD - Live Video Streaming for YouTube, Facebook + More

    I'm selling a Matrox Monarch HD device that does live video streaming for content platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Ustream. A new unit goes for about $995 retail and I'm selling my lightly used unit for $795 with free UPS Ground shipping. If you're interested, please send me a message...
  4. C

    Youtube 4k on new LG Oled super slow

    Hello, I just got a new LG 65 inch B8 Oled tv and was trying it out by watching youtube in 4k. Unfortunately its pretty much not possible. It constantly has to stop to buffer. I"m only able to see a second of content at a time before it stops again. I'm using the youtube app that comes with the...
  5. Sam Posten

    Youtube HDR is go on iPhone X

  6. Ted Todorov

    Apple Music keeps improving, but will its video catch YouTube?

    One of the reasons I chose Apple Music over Spotify is Apple Music’s support for music videos. Indeed the music video selection, especially for older ones has been continually improving, heading towards a lot of stuff from the dawn of the MTV era (“I want my MTV!” - early 1980s) For instance...
  7. C

    Cannot change the sound volume when I connected ipad with an AAXA M6 projector to play YouTube

    As the title, I encountered an issue when I connected ipad with an aaxa m6 pico projector to play youtube videos. The sound choice on ipad seemed half way but locked. I cannot change it at all. Though I turned up the projector to its maximum, the sound was still not loud enough. Any solution for it?
  8. Scott Hart

    YouTube Bringing Original Content To Compete With Big Streaming Services

    Scott Hart YouTube Bringing Original Content To Compete With Big Streaming Services Each day we watch nearly a billion hours of YouTube videos, with an astonishing 400 hours of content uploaded every minute. Some reports suggest the video streaming site might even overtake TV viewership by...
  9. DaveF

    YouTube enters the streaming tv market
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