1. S

    Yamaha BD-S681 for Non 4K HDTV

    I have a regular LG HDTV TV (model 2016) - but not 4K. Can I use Yamaha blu-ray BD-S681 since this unit has 4K upscaling feature ? Will my HDTVbe compatible or be able to support video signal from BD-S681, or should I use a lower model which is BD-S677 (not 4K upscaling) ? Thanks
  2. S

    Yamaha BD-S681 and Pioneer BDP-80FD

    Hi folks, I am about to get a blu-ray DVD player. In term of audio-picture quality and apps, which one is better : Yamaha BD-S681 and Pioneer BDP-80FD ? Thank you for all feeadback / experience :)
  3. U

    Sub cuts out sometimes with yamaha ax v995 receiver

    I have the yamaha 5.1 AX v-995 receiver that I've connected up with a Bose accoustimass 5 series ii, including the base module. It works fine, and gives good omnidirectional bass at low volumes. However, the sound cuts out entirely when the volume is played a little louder - not even close to...
  4. P

    Spdif soundbar issue

    Hi all, My roommate just bought a sceptre 4k UHD TV. Obviously it's a cheap tv so it doesn't have that many features. I want to buy a soundbar for it, and was looking at the Yamaha YAS-203. Since the Yamaha doesn't have an HDMI input though, I'd have to use the SPDIF output from the TV to the...
  5. M

    Yamaha AVR 3070 or Denon AVR X4400H

    I narrowed down my choice for a new receiver between the Yamaha 3070 and Denon 4400, can anyone recommend one over the other? If anyone owns one of these I would like to hear your thoughts on them. Thanks
  6. Malcolm R

    Yamaha RX-V681: Stud or Dud?

    I did something completely out of character for me yesterday. I was in the local Best Buy and saw they had an Open Box receiver, the Yamaha RX-V681, at what seemed like an excellent price of $287...and I purchased it on the spot. :eek: Visually, it appears in excellent condition. If it was used...
  7. King Mustard

    Yamaha HTR-2064 (2011) turned itself off, won't power back up

    We've checked the fuse inside the plug and the fuse inside the AV receiver itself. None of the capacitors appears to be damaged. We've tried without any speaker cables being connected. We can't perform a reset due to no power. Any other ideas?
  8. D

    Low cost - Yamaha, Denon, Onkyo or HK

    Hi everybody, Im new here and Im seeking for an cheap AV Receiver. I live in Argentina and here there isn't too much options so i found the following: YAMAHA RX-381 (https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/av_receivers_amps/rx-v381_u/specs.html#product-tabs) HARMAN KARDON 1610S...
  9. gadgtfreek

    Changing HT system around with Power Sound and Yamaha

    Well, For a long while I have had huge Klipsch towers and the center (RF7II and RC64II), but I find myself wanting a little room freed up, and maybe something with a less in your face horn. Plus I never do 2 channel music any more either. So, the shopping began, and Ill start with, speaker...
  10. sleevedbiker

    New Subwoofer Dayton, Yamaha or Polk...

    I am looking at subs under $150 for my Onkyo TXNR646... Current speakers are the Polk S Series... I noticed these 3 subs were on sale and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on then.. Dayton Audio SUB-100, Polk PSW10 and Yamaha YST-SW216
  11. Robert Crawford

    2017 Yamaha Receivers

    New HTF article on 2017 Yamaha Receivers. I'm upgrading my receiver this year so I'll be interested in the 3070 model. https://www.hometheaterforum.com/yamaha-aventage-rx-70-series-leads-industry-vibrant-hdr-technologies-tidal-deezer-support/
  12. Z

    Yamaha RX-A760 and Polk Audio PSW10

    What is the best way to connect my receiver to my subwoofer ? should i just run a subwoofer cable from subwoofer pre out 1 from the receiver to the (white) L input on the subwoofer ? (This sub has no LFE) or should I use a Y cable spliter to connect subwoofer pre out 1 to both the (white) L...
  13. A

    Yamaha RX-V677 compatible Speakers?

    friends i am using Yamaha RX-V677 amplifier, with Jamo S406 HCS speakers, now i want to upgrade the speakers, i choosed Jamo S628 HCS speakers but dont know if they are compatible with the amp or not, i am not that much technical so wanted guidence, for reference i am attaching the screen shots...
  14. P

    Yamaha RX-V581 Scene Function

    Hi, anyone of you can switch in TV video when press the TV SCENE BUTTON ? I have always to switch manually the tv source with the Tv command, from "hdmi" in "TV". The BD Scene works perfectly (commute in automatic video and audio in HDMI source). Radio scene also works fine. Thank you.
  15. R

    Upgrading Yam Aventage RXA700

    I've had a Yam for about 5 years, its worked out pretty well. The only issues I have right now is that the AV switching is slow and doesnt handle 4k and I often receive audio signal drops and the yamaha is slowish in recovery of the signal. Currently the TV is handling video switching and I...
  16. IncredibleGonzo

    HDMI control issue

    Hi all! I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on an issue I'm having with HDMI control in my setup. I've got a Panasonic TX-P50U10B TV, and a Yamaha HTR-3067 receiver. Whenever I enable HDMI control on the receiver and 'Viera Link' on the TV, it sends all audio to the TV speakers instead of...
  17. U

    Yamaha HTR-6030 How to configure for ps3

    I have had my yamaha reciever hooked up to my ps3 and I had my ps3 optical headset connected at the same time and everything was fine. Then I moved and tried to connect it again the same way and I'm not getting sound from my reciever, but am getting sound from my headset. My reciever is...
  18. K

    Advice on upgrading or replacing Onkyo 3500 htib

    I have a dedicated theater room and have been using the Onkyo 3500 with a 100" screen and 1080p projector. I'm looking to upgrade the audio but not sure what step I should take first. Should I buy a new receiver and use the current Onkyo speakers for a bit, or can I start by replacing some of...
  19. S

    YAMAHA RX-A730 7.2-Ch x 90 Watts Networking A/V Receiver + Power Amp

    Hello, I have a "YAMAHA RX-A730 7.2-Ch x 90 Watts Networking A/V Receiver" and i want to add a power amplifier to that. Can you please suggest if its possible to add a power amplifier. I have "Marantz MM7055" in mind as i got a 5.2 channel setup at my home. If its possible, can you...
  20. P

    Best new entry level 5 channel receiver under 350$

    Hello guys, so i am looking for a brand new 5-channel receiver to replace my old one.My price range is about 350$. From what i have read Yamaha makes some pretty good ones. If i have to choose between RX-V379 VS RX-V479 VS RX-V481 what do you recommend me ? Also which are the differences between...