1. Curt Gilker

    HDMI inputs cause Yamaha receiver to turn off

    When I turn on my receiver, it turns on my uverse box, blu-ray player, and roku streamer. This all worked seamlessly for several years. Then recently, when I would switch to the blu-ray HDMI input, the receiver would turn off. I switched the cable, same issue. I switched the HDMI port, same...
  2. N

    Yamaha RX-V475 HDMI out works to TV but not to Projector

    The RX-V475 HDMI Out works okay when connected to a Smart TV but when connected to my Sony VPL-HW50ES Projector the signal is not getting there. Have connected laptop to projector and also cable box direct, both on original cable to projector proving that cable and video to projector is...
  3. A

    What's the best av-receiver from the following ?Marantz,Denon,

    I need your kind support for making a decision. I compare between the following available models in my region&"according to budget as well" 1. Matantz NR1609 2. Marantz SR5012 3. DENON AVRX 2500H 4. YAMAHA Rx-V685 What i need is 7 channels , for living room 5*6 m " , want receiver that works...
  4. L

    Question about what Audio Receiver I should get

    Hi guys, I am sorry for the beginner question: I got an Yamaha speaker system NS-AP2600 and a subwoofer system YST-SW012. My goal is to hook them up with my TV, and possibly using it with Amazon Alexa as well. I realized I have to buy an audio receiver but I have no idea what type of specs I...
  5. Dave1

    Yamaha 2018 Receivers with Alexa

    I would like to know if there is anybody using Amazon Alexa to operate any of the new new 2018 Yamaha receivers.?
  6. B

    Yamaha Music Cast help please

    I have a rx-v683 and a wxa-50. Does anyone know if there is a method for wirelessly connecting the devices to each other and sending audio from the rx-v683 to the wxa-50 WITHOUT using the app? Thank you!
  7. T

    Help requested with Yamaha RX-A760 video issue

    Greetings, I’ve got a conundrum I’m hoping somebody can help with. I built an A/V setup in my classroom centered around a PC (my build: Windows 10 Pro w/ a GTX 750 GPU), a Yamaha RX-A760, and an Epson EX 9200 projector. The computer sends a signal via HDMI to the RX-A760, which then sends it...
  8. Dave>h

    Understanding Yamaha Rx-v1083 - speaker configuration

    Hi, I am trying to understand how my Yamaha routes sound in my current configuration and I am also curious about the speaker set up itself. I currently have a 7.1 setup which I think is a 5.1 set up with 2 "presence" speakers in Yamaha parlance. Which is to say that I have a traditional 5.1...
  9. M

    Which Amplifier will go best with Harman Kardon HKTS9 5.1 setup?

    Hello, This is Apoorva from Mumbai, India. I have Harman/Kardon Home Theatre in my house. The setup is of Harman Kardon AVR 1700 Amplifier + HKTS 9 5.1 Speakers (2 Rear + 2 Front + 1 Center + 1 Woofer) – All images enclosed. Now, the AVR 1700 has died and the cost of repair is approx Rs...
  10. I

    No Video from Receiver - Yamaha RX-A73

    Hi all. I went on vacation and came back to receiver issues. Joy. On Thursday night, I was watching a movie without any issues, but when I got back on Tuesday, no video (audio works fine). I don't even have the main menu from the receiver. Just my TV's "no signal" message. I've unplugged...
  11. batman144144

    Yamaha CX-A5000 audio dropouts

    I just started experiencing audio dropouts on my CX-A5000. It seems to happen only through HDMI, particularly with HD surround formats, such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio. The unit has no trouble with standard Dolby Digital or DTS formats, only the HD versions. The unit behaves as if...
  12. B

    Routing Dolby Vision Around Receiver

    Hey everyone, I have a Yamaha RX-V381. I thought I was future proofing myself with this purchase a year ago but I'm finding out that it does not have support for Dolby Vision (from what I've been able to confirm) and has actually been discontinued. I have various components in my home theater...
  13. King Mustard

    Yamaha RX-V377/NS-P20 vs. Pioneer HTP-072

    Trying to decide which home cinema package is best. Yamaha RX-V377 AV receiver (2014) Yamaha NS-P20 surround sound system NS-SW20 subwoofer NS-B20 center channel speaker NS-C20 satellite speakers HDCP 1.4 or Pioneer HTP-072 home cinema package Pioneer VSX-324-K-P AV receiver (2013) S-22W-P...
  14. M

    New Receiver Yamaha RX-V583 + SUB NS-SW050 with old speakers from Philips 7540

    Hello, I planned to upgrade my home cinema sound. I am currently using the Philips 7540 and I wanted to have a better sound. The plan was to use the 5 speakers from my old cinema system and just upgrade the receiver and the sub, so I bought the Yamaha RX-V583 and as subwoofer the Yamaha...
  15. P

    Connecting Projector to Yamaha RXV-573

    Is there any way to connect via composite to my Yamaha RXV-573. I found that projector can only be connected via HDMI, Is there a converter that will convert HDMI to Composite? Thanks!
  16. F

    oppo udp 205 connecting to yamaha cx-a5100 with analog outputs

    hello, when i want to connect my yamaha cx-a5100 surround processor multi channel through the multi channel outputs of the oppo udp-205 , do i have to adjust the speaker adjustments on the oppo or will the adjustments i have done on the yamaha will have the perfect results ? kind regards...
  17. H

    Yamaha RX-V483BL - video issues

    Hey all I have my TV mounted on an exposed brick wall in my living room, and, in the quest to best hide any clutter, I moved all of my AV equipment down into the basement and ran all of the cables through the floor. This includes two 25' HDMI cables, and I had an appleTV and Fios STB (Motorola...
  18. JJMike

    Yamaha RX-V675 - No sound

    Hi all, I'll try to be as concise as possible since I'm a total novice at this. I just moved into a house that's got a speaker system installed in the ceiling. It's connected to a Yamaha RX-V675 receiver, with a TS4DLS zone selector (I assume that's what it's called). I know that this setup...
  19. Doug Smith

    Yamaha BD-A1060

    Picked this up when my Oppo's sound quit. Does everything but DVD-A (but it does DVD A with some tweaking with the PCM - weird, but that format is so old who knows what's going on. Can some blu-rays play DVD A's via PCM?) Seems HDMI cables have changed everything. Anyone had experience with...
  20. R

    Upgrade Yamaha RXA700

    Hi Guys, Ive had a RXA700 for about 6 years and its been working just fine. It currently powers 2 energy rc70, a cb20 and cc10. I have a sub, but I keep it off because I live in apartment. For the most part it works fine, but the issue is that I have a 4k tv and cant use it for switching...
  21. Omar magdy

    Is this normal on my yamaha rx681

    I have this strange click sound after i open the reciver it begin with the normal voice when i open it then a click happen after 3 seconds is this normal ?
  22. F

    dts virtual x firmware update for yamaha cx-a5100 ?

    hello, why isn' there coming a dts virtual-x update for the yamaha cx-a5100 ? i am in the impossibilty for mounting height speakers but i would like to enjoy sound from the ceiling without height speakers ? kind regards, frans callebaut
  23. kulas

    Receiver Upgrade

    Hello, I am definitely not a home theater expert, but I sure do love watching movies in my living room. I am looking to upgrade my older receiver, it is a Yamaha RX-V800 (specs here: https://www.cnet.com/products/yamaha-rx-v800/specs/) and I see that the Yamaha RX-483 (http://a.co/24CCiTt) is...
  24. S

    Yamaha RX-A20XX Bench Test

    Folks, I see there is a major difference in bench test between RX-A2040 & RX-A2050 when using 5 channels simultaneously : https://www.soundandvision.com/conte...iew-test-bench https://www.soundandvision.com/conte...iew-test-bench Does it mean RX-A2050 has a major power improvement, or...
  25. tonybax

    denon to yamaha

    hi guys can i hook my denon reciever and cassette to my yamaha rx v 477 reciever ?
  26. K

    Denon AVR-X3400H vs Marantz SR5012 vs Yamaha RX-A870

    Hi to everyone! I decided to upgrade my home cinema system and i am currently looking for a new AV. I am willing to spend a maximum amount of $1000. After googling and consulting with some tech savy friends i have narrowed down my options to these 3 AVs: 1) Denon AVR-X3400H...
  27. J

    Yamaha RX-V383 Flashing Speaker Icons

    Hello all, So after I returned from work today I noticed my sound was cutting in and out from my speakers connected to my Yamaha RX-V383 receiver. The sound is going from the ARC input in the receiver to the ARC output on the TV. I noticed on my front display where it shows the speaker icons...
  28. RobDog

    Front presence or dolby atmos install ? Yamaha 3070

    Nice to join the forum community, hoping for some feedback and advice on my install Here's What I've got thus far; Matte black room, curtains on both side walls from screen to half way back in the room Sony VPL500es projector to a 110 inch fixed screen. Screen is as high as I can get it- only...
  29. D

    Yamaha Aventage Series RX-A1050 over my older Harman Kardon 3600?

    Hey everyone, Have an older Harmon Kardon 3600, and considering buy a Yamaha A1050 from a local person. Would this be a good thing? I'm buying a speaker from him, and he is also selling the receiver. Would it be an upgrade for me?
  30. S

    Yamaha RX-A1060 Bench Test Result

    Hi folks, Does anyone have technical bench test result of Yamaha RX-A1060, or where to find it ? Thanks