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  1. Johnny Angell

    Xfinity Cellular

    I’m a recent subscriber to xfinity for broadband and TV. I talked to a CSR and then went into a store to verify what I learned. Because I’m a broadband subscriber I can get xfinity cellular with unlimited talk and text and 3 gb data for about $33. There is no line charge, no other charges at...
  2. aceinc

    Marantz AVR-7704/Xfinity X1 hiccup...

    I have had my 7704 for a year & a half. Using XLRs I have it hooked up to 2 Emotiva XPA-1s, 1 XPA2 and 1 XPA-3. I also have the amplifiers attached to the 12v trigger jacks so that everything turns on & off auto-magically. Everything was working swimmingly until I replaced the Xfinity X1 slave...
  3. M

    Audio Output from Xfinity TV

    Hello, I own a Sony Bravia TV (2015 model) which is connected to Sonos Soundbar and Sonos Subwoofer. Until recently, I had DirecTV service and watching movies was a pleasure with very high sound quality coming out of the 2 Sonos speakers. Especially while watching any action movie, the sound...
  4. KeithAP

    FYI, Xfinity Mobile now lets you use your existing iPhone

    Just noticed that Xfinity Mobile now lets you bring your own iPhone (iPhone 5 and up, Verizon compatible). Previously, you had to purchase a phone through the service. https://www.xfinity.com/mobile/byod -Keith
  5. J

    Audio Issue With Denon AVR-2312CI and Xfinity RNG-150N

    I have correctly connected my cable box and BD player to the Denon Receiver, and I have yet to hear any audio out of my speakers. I am able to get audio out of the TV when I set the receiver to output audio through the TV. When I connect the BD player to the cable input and the cable box to the...