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  1. M

    Passive Subwoofer with regular speaker wiresto go

    Bought a house that has this setup 4 speakers in ceiling 2 speakers in front wall 1 center speaker on wall 2 8” passive subwoofers on wall (Dayton Audio CS8SW-88 8" In-Wall Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer) All connection wires are coming to a different room ( all 7 speakers are banana plugs but...
  2. S

    Wires for Boss Acoustimass 7

    What is the type of speaker wire needed for this model
  3. jim1174

    Do any of you not put the speaker wires in the wall

    I know that most people put their speaker wires through the wall. If you,don't do this what method do you use to hide the speaker wires and keep every thing looking nice ?
  4. S

    I need help with this

    Amateur alert........Just bought the Panamax 5300 to protect $8000 worth of equipment but I over looked something. This unit has a 15 amp circuit on that back that trips if it goes over. My whole basement (including the cave) is wired to a 20 amp circuit. So does this mean I can’t hook this up...
  5. Portlyn

    Converting intercom system

    Hello, I just purchased a home that has an old scool nutone intercom system with 8+ stations and a main hub. The main hub doesn't work. I am hoping to convert the system into a more modern home music system using either a receiver and amp (if necessary) or potentially a car stereo with an amp...
  6. J

    Routing/hiding speaker wires.

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to hide speaker wires to prevent tripping hazards... The wires to surround speakers are mostly in question...