1. K

    Group Wireless Headphones

    I am trying to find a reasonably priced solution for a group of people to listen to the audio of a movie in a home outdoor theater. We’ve not yet decided on a projector- I just want to be sure it’s all possible to do before buying anything! Would need a minimum of only 3 headsets- would be nice...
  2. D

    Do any AV receivers have wireless volume knob remote controls?

    I know of a few speakers that come with wireless knobs for volume control, Senic Nuimo (for Sonos), and Devialet make them. But is there any for home theaters, eiher for the receivers or for ho e thester software (Kodi or Plex)? Would this be useful or just a hassle?
  3. D

    Are there any wireless volume knob controllers for HTPC's?

    Hi, I've been looking for a wireless knob to control my HTPC. I already own the Griffin Powermate for my main computer, but it's USB. I know there's a bluetooth version available but the reviews are bad. Does anyone know of any other wireless alternatives that I can use for a home thestre...
  4. Mark Booth

    Verizon Wireless & Interference from carrier in Mexico

    When I got the very first iPhone model in 2007 I switched to AT&T for wireless (because I had to if I wanted an iPhone). I was generally happy with AT&T's coverage here in San Diego but, after I retired and we began traveling the country, I quickly discovered that AT&T had less than desirable...
  5. M

    Home Theater Klipsch wired + wireless possible?

    Hi guys, I just purchased a Klipsch home theater system and I am hoping to also connect speakers in other rooms to the system as a separate zone setup for wireless. My question is: can I use wired klipsch speakers and make them wireless somehow without losing much audio quality? The...
  6. Josh Steinberg

    Suggestions for a wireless modem/router?

    I'm thinking about buying a modem rather than spending $10 each month to my cable company for use of one. The thing is - I've never bought a modem before and I have no idea what I should be looking for. I have Spectrum as my internet provider and they have this list on their website of what...
  7. Tony Bensley

    Wireless Keyboards: Bluetooth Vs. USB

    In the next day or so, I hope to pick up a new Wireless Keyboard to use primarily with my Acer Aspire PC Laptop, but I would also like to use it with my Google Pixel Android device, if viable. However, I do have a couple of questions: - Is Bluetooth capability a must for a Wireless Keyboard to...
  8. A

    Viewing on TV using a wireless modem

    Hi. Here's my situation: I will have a PC with a wireless modem attached to it. That system is in a separate room so using a HDMI/whatever cable isn't possible. I want to view video files on my TV, either from streaming services like Netflix/Prime Video or by viewing media files on my PC...
  9. H

    Sony CT 800 and rear wireless speaker options

    Hi everyone! I have the sony ct800 soundbar and sw and was looking for wireless rear speaker options. Was told the only compatible speakers are the Sony srszr5. Can someone confirm this? If there are other options, would love to hear them. Thanks!!
  10. B

    wireless rear speakers

    Hi all, new here to the forum and new to Home theatre. I'm an old dude, 68 but willing to enter the 21st century. here is my question...First I will list my equipment. Samsung QN65Q8fn TV Samsung HW-N850 Soundbar Samsung UBD-M9500 UHD DVD player I LOVE this set up, had a few teething problems...
  11. B

    Wireless rear channel speakers (not Bluetooth)

    Hello. I'm in desperate need of a pair of wireless rear channel speakers. In my new home, my only rear (really overhead) location has high arch's and pillars, so hard wiring to the reciever is ugly, but low voltage power to a wall wart can be worked with. I don't think Bluetooth would work...
  12. A

    Truly wireless setup

    Hi, I'm sorry if this question was already asked, I couldn't find it thru search... I'm looking for a way to reduce wires and units as much as possible (by reducing units I mean that for example a soundbar with integrated woofer is better than separate units in my case...) The rear speakers...
  13. O


  14. R

    going a little wireless... without being crazy rich !

    Hi everyone, I have an old setup that I would like to upgrade, cheaply if possible (around 500E) What I have : Video source : macbook air (connected to the video projector in HDMI via Display Port), sound send via airplay Airport : connected to the amplifier via jack on 2 inputs Amplifier ...
  15. Uncle Freddy

    7.1 Surround / wireless or wireless interface for current speakers & sub

    greetings, my wife and I are moving into our new house that has a great room configuration, we are going to be using our 52-inch flat screen for our 7.1 surround sound system, our problem is radiant floor heat and my inability to freely drill holes and and pull wires .... question to The Forum...
  16. Howardsternisbatman

    Gone 4K: Need wireless rear speakers

    Greetings, Recently I upgraded my TV to 4K. It sits in a room that is not going to allow for rear speaker wires to be run, it just isn't. I am starting from scratch, no receiver, no speakers. I plan to pick-up a Blu-ray 4K player. Here is the question or ask for suggestions on where to start...
  17. DaveF

    Wireless chargers for the iPhone

    This is discussed sporadically in some other threads...but I can’t find it easily. My question: Will this Anker charger support “fast” charging with a 12W iPad adapter? Or do I need a new, specific ”fast” charge adapter? “Amazon.com: Anker Wireless Charger Charging Pad for iPhone 8 / 8 Plus...
  18. M

    Wired + Wireless Surrounds for 5.1 setup - is it possible?

    Experimenting with 2 HEOS 1 speakers as the rear surround speakers in a 5.1 setup. Front R, L, C and Sub are wired to a Denon AVR-S730H Receiver. Since this receiver has HEOS capability, I thought wireless HEOS speaker might work as the surround speakers positioned on the side/rear. I am...
  19. E

    Traditional versus wireless speakers

    New member here with perhaps a silly question: I've had a decent 5.1 setup for a while. Lexicon DC2, Rotel 5x100 amp, 5 NHT Super Ones, and an Adire Audio 12 sealed sub. (Just didn't ever upgrade to the 7.1.) Just upgraded to an OLED TV and discovered the whole internally amplified wireless...
  20. TBSWV

    Best home theater system with wireless rear speakers??

    Hello all: Could anyone provide me with advice about buying a home theater system with wireless rear speakers? I am looking for one for under$600.00 or so with at least 4 hdmi inputs and a digital optical audio out. Thanks in advance for all replies!
  21. C

    Klipsch Reference HD Wireless 5.1

    Anyone have experience with these? Was thinking of getting 4 bookshelf, center and sub My main concern is how to decode the doly 5.1 I have a martin logan 3.1 center sound bar and getting true 3.1 was a nightmare ( and stereo actually ended up sounding better). I don't want to go through the...
  22. M

    Onkyo TX-NR777 and Wireless Speakers for Zone 2

    Greetings to all. Am in the process of upgrading our A/V home theater receiver and looking very seriously at the Onkyo TX-NR777, Here's my dilemma.... For our family room where we have the current system (Sony Theater in a box) set up I have started replacing the small Sony speakers with...
  23. Vince Antrim

    Wireless Speaker Realiability

    Hello all! Long time reader, not 1st time poster, but it's been years. TL;DR version. Spent 4 years travelling for work. Took a new job locally and moved back home. Wife and I can't re-cohabitate so she's moved out temporarily. Re-setting up some of my surround sound. H/K AVR 325. Non-HDMI...
  24. John_Bilbrey

    Samsung 65MU8000 wireless woes

    I recently picked up a Samsung 65MU8000. The TV itself has been great, but within the past week or so, the wireless on it has been flaky. Every time I turn on the TV, it won't connect to my router. Everything else in the house works fine, just the TV. I have to reset the network and...
  25. T

    Home theater + wireless speaker

    I'm planning to buy a new home theater system composed by a receiver, ideally with built in wi-fi, a 5.1 wired surround system and two wireless speakers to be plugged in the zone 2. My plan is to spend around $1,000 in this system (Receiver + 5.1 speakers + 2 wireless speaker), but I don't know...
  26. Steve_Smith

    Need wireless headphone setup help/opinion

    I just got a LG 55-inch 3d TV last week, I found out it does not have Bluetooth but a mini jack in the back for headphones. I've had my Sennheiser wireless 120s for almost 12 years, but between my glasses, 3D glasses and the headphones I start to feel the pressure on the glasses stems. My...
  27. T

    Need help finding a receiver or zone control combo that can do these things...

    asking for a friend who is trying to setup some speakers for various spots of his outdoor entertainment area A. - 3 zones, a pair of speakers per zone 3 x 2 = 6 total...prefer be all stereo, dont need surround B. - independent volume control of each zone, but same source material C. - input...
  28. G

    Best option for wireless mirroring to projector

    I have a couple classrooms that need to be able to support wireless mirroring to the ceiling mounted projectors from any number of platforms -- PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc. The projectors both have HDMI and DVI inputs. One of the requirements is for the solution to be plug & play, without...
  29. Planeman09

    Wireless adapters??

    Good morning all, this is my first thread here. I'm new to the world of surround sound and a little lost. I got myself my first basic and beginners surround sound for christmas, a Panasonic SC-XH105. Now I would like to try and make the rear speakers wireless because of the room set up and being...
  30. R

    Wireless atmos options

    Has anyone toyed with using sonos play1 or play 3's as an Atmos height channel? I've been shying away from getting into atmos because I live in an Apt and I dont want to run the cables in wall and I dont want to see them. Is it possible to use a wireless option?