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  1. battlebeast

    DR. WHO

    Has any of the DR. WHO been released to Blu Ray? I’m speaking of the series circa 1963. I’d like to start watching it from episode 1, but I know that many episodes are missing... has BBC released season sets? Is there somewhere I can watch from episode one?
  2. Jack Briggs

    Who among us has seen The Beatles in person?

    The Beatles made history. John, Paul, George, and Ringo have sold more records than any other artist -- by a margin (estimates run toward 800 million albums and 1.6 billion singles). They altered the popular-music landscape, bringing rock almost to the level of "serious music." And the band...
  3. S

    Doctor Who DVD-Rs!

    I received three BBC America DOCTOR WHO DVDs, and they're actually DVD-Rs! And I had trouble playing one. What's going on? I ordered from Amazon.
  4. Johnny Angell

    A Question for 3D Nuts Who Have Given Up 3D

    We were there for some shopping and we checked out the 4K LEDs and OLEDs. I've always considered Visio to be the brand you buy if you don't have the bucks for better. They've raised their game, though the Samsungs and LGs are still better. The LCDs for Samsung and LG seem better than what my...
  5. TonyD

    “Who” The new album from The Who 2019

    “Who” was released in full today. The record has 11 tracks and the deluxe has an additional 3 tracks. The last so far is my favorite on the record. Danny and my Ponies. The song has a beautiful vocal from Pete. As for the rest of the album it’s really actually pretty good. Roger sounds better...