1. King Mustard

    Passive subwoofer won't work with new AV receiver

    I had a Pioneer HTP-072 package, which came with: Pioneer VSX-324-K-P AV receiver (released 2013) Pioneer S-22W-P passive subwoofer The other speakers The AV receiver died so I bought a Yamaha HTR-2071 AV receiver (released 2017) to replace it. However, the Pioneer subwoofer no longer works...
  2. King Mustard

    Pioneer VSX-324-K-P AV receiver (2013) center channel buzz

    It started happening recently. It doesn't change volume along with the volume control. It appears any speaker that's connected to the center channel at the rear of the AV receiver buzzes/hums and produces no sound. Any idea what could be causing it? Product page | Operating instructions