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  1. Mark-P

    Apple TV+ My Fair Lady 4K Dolby Vision coming to iTunes on November 24 2020!

    I don't know if this means a disc is coming, but I'm in for $16.99 at iTunes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/my-fair-lady/id1524313593
  2. Blu Eye

    Dolby Vision

    Okay. As I am on the hunt for a new 4K 65 inch TV I would appreciate the forums opinion on Dolby Vision. I am thinking about getting a cheaper option TV without Dolby Vision but not sure if it is worth paying a few hundred pounds more to have a TV with the technology. I hear many different...
  3. JohnRice

    Why is Dolby Vision playing at 1080?

    Video, and especially the latest advancements, aren't my wheelhouse, but I've been taking the steps to moving to UHD, Atmos, etc over the last several months. I just upgraded the display in my living room system to a Vizio M558-G1 (extremely happy so far. What a bargain display) and as I've...
  4. Ken Koc

    KING CREOLE 1958 4K Dolby Vision on iTunes

    While going through iTunes and seeing which classics may be upgraded from SD to HD, I discovered that KING CREOLE 1962 has been upgraded from SD to 4K Dolby Vision. A awesome discovery.
  5. JediFonger

    Are there any Dolby Vision 60fps that also supports 3D?

    i know the earlier DV LG OLEDs were DV30 that also supported 3D.... didn't know if DV60 also had 3D as well.
  6. Ken Koc

    EASY RIDER 4K Dolby Vision on iTunes

    I just noticed today that EASY RIDER is now available in 4K and Dolby Vision on iTunes
  7. E

    Marantz OSD menus disabled in Dolby Vision

    I have a Marantz SR6010 and recently updated to an LG 4K HDR B8 OLED 77" with Dolby Vision. Anytime I am in Dolby Vision mode, say with my Apple TV 4K, the on screen display menus from the receiver will not display on the TV. If I switch the mode back to something different such as HDR10, the...
  8. William06

    4k Dolby vision set jumanji welcome to the jungle sealed

    I have a 4 k set, sealed brand new of Jumanji welcome to the jungle for sale . Includes 4k Dolby vision,atmos disc,blue Ray disc,and digital code. Sealed never opened $15.00 inc shipping cont USA , and PayPal fee.
  9. M

    Dolby vision player on a non dolby vision tv

    Hi, My Panasonic Oled tv is from last year and it does not support Dolby vision (only hdr10+). If i use it with the Panasonic ub820 (support HDR10+ and DolbyVision), will my tv get to display the dolby vision HDR since the decoding will be made in the disc player (and that would mean a dolby...
  10. B

    Dolby Vision pass-through AVR or TV?

    I have an LG OLED TV compatible with Dolby Vision, my blu-ray is also Dolby Vision capable, and my AVR is also Dolby Vision capable. Was wondering if it makes a difference whether my DVD player passes the dolby vision video signal through the AVR first or if it's better to send it straight to...
  11. G

    HDR/Dolby Vision discussion for elevated black levels & calibration issues.

    Damn! I wish they would have released a new Blu-ray alongside the 4K. This sucks in a major way. No purchase for me unfortunately, and there will probably never be a good 1080p Blu-ray. Sad what UHD is doing to great films..
  12. G

    4K Blu-ray in HDR10, but iTunes streaming in Dolby Vision...?!

    In looking around, I've come across several titles that are available to rent/purchase in iTunes via the Apple TV 4K, that are in Dolby Vision. But when I look at the 4K UHD Blu-ray releases of these same titles, they were never released in anything but HDR10. So is Apple/iTunes converting them...
  13. Dave Moritz

    What 4K TV's have HDR & Dolby Vision ?

    I would like to start a list and would like everyone to add to this list so we all know what 4K UHD TV's have HDR & Dolby Vision! Please format like this: Brand - Size Of Display - LED or OLED - List if it has HDR, HDR+ and or Dolby Vision and if you would like MSRP
  14. Wes K

    Dolby Vision TCL 6 Series Issue

    I have a Samsung UBD-K8500 4K bluray player connected to my TCL 55R615 with an amazon basics HDMI 2.0 cable. Both have the newest software version. Playing The Matrix 4K bluray and the Grease 4K bluray, both encoded with Dolby Vision, only the "HDR" icon pops up in the corner. In the TCL...
  15. drewster98

    Dolby Vision a must get on new 4k player?

    I'm currently shopping around for a new 4k player and noticed some have Dolby Vision support. Is DV something that I will want in the near future? Is DV basically the same as HDR and we are just waiting to see which of the two wins out? Is there a 4k player that people recommend? I already...
  16. gadgtfreek

    Panasonic unveils combo Dolby Vision / HDR10+ UHD BD player

    https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1515296844 Put me down as interested for sure, I love Panny players. The main reason I have a 203 instead of a 900 is DV. @Robert_Zohn let us know if and when you will get the 820 in the states.
  17. gadgtfreek

    2016 Yamaha's get Dolby Vision and HLG

    RX-V1081/RX-V2081/RX-V3081/RX-A1060/RX-A2060/RX-A3060 Firmware Update Version 1.32 Yamaha is pleased to offer the following firmware update to ensure the best possible performance and latest features for your AV receiver. This firmware includes 1. Support for Dolby Vision and Hybrid...
  18. DavidMiller

    Now we have a format war! HDR10+ vs Dolby Vision

    I didn't see a post about this but since it is cause a lot of talk in the Facebook home theater forums I thought I would share. In case you didn't hear a new format has officially launched. HDR10+, basically the same as Dolby Vision but free (only a association fee) and only 10bit. Samsung...
  19. gadgtfreek

    Looks like Dolby Vision calibration on 2017 LG OLED's is coming together

    Really excited about this now. http://www.avsforum.com/forum/139-display-calibration/1423111-calman-5-release-notes-discussion-129.html#post54125097
  20. MarkA

    4K Blu-ray player with Dolby Vision

    I'm interested in buying one at a reasonable price. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  21. Osato

    UHD Dolby Vision UHD blu ray titles list

    I was unable to find a clear list of Dolby Vision UHD blu Rays. Are the discs even labeled? The two confirmed titles that I know of are: Despicable Me Despicable Me 2 Are there others? I am also unable to find confirmed Dolby Vision information for The Lego Batman Movie UHD blu ray. I hope...
  22. Scott Hart

    OPPO Adds Dolby Vision Support to Ultra HD Blu-ray Players

    Scott Hart OPPO Adds Dolby Vision Support to Ultra HD Blu-ray Players MENLO PARK, California – June 6, 2017 – OPPO Digital announced that its UDP-203/UDP-205 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc players can now receive a firmware upgrade that enables the Dolby Vision™ feature. Initially released in...