1. JohnHopper

    Blu-Ray Wish List for Vintage Television

    What is your Blu-Ray wish list for vintage television?
  2. Z

    Tubes dried out - vintage receiver - Marantz 19

    My Marantz 19 receiver has been a bit noisy and needs a facelifting. Does anyone knows where I could buy new tubes, pls?
  3. S

    Onkyo vintage with speaker hum

    I have an onkyo vintage av reciever. Has a two prong plug which is plugged directly into wall outlet. I get hum from my mains when I switch to THX or any kind of surround sound. No hum when using just mains for music. My input source is toslink from smart tv. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. matinee nostalgia

    Where to watch Vintage TV shows on the web

    We all know that there's many classic/vintage (1950-1980) TV shows available on YouTube and also on Dailymotion but is there any other sites. I just found out I'm just wondering if there's other sites ?
  5. Neil Brock

    The future of Warner Archives vintage TV releases

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  6. Josh Steinberg

    Recommendations wanted for a vintage half hour western

    Kevin Collins submitted a new blog post Recommendations wanted for a vintage half hour western Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  7. JohnHopper

    Vintage Television Soundtrack Corner

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  8. JohnHopper

    What are Your Favorite Vintage Western Series?

    Amongst the 1950’s and 1960’s western series what are your favorite ones and why?
  9. Mysto

    Where are all the Vintage Mystery Series?

    Finally, after over 70 years, I have my own Home Theater. I'm loving it. My 4:3 screen (124") is as big as I can make it (I ran out of ceiling height). I picked up a Sherlock Holmes in Blu Ray and was knocked out. This is something like what it must have been like to watch them at the...
  10. JohnHopper

    What Vintage War Series Left to be Released on DVD?

    Amongst the remaining 'vintage' war series that are left to be released on DVD, which ones do you really wish to get? Find my selection: Twelve O’Clock High Blue Light Garrison’s Gorillas