vintage television

  1. JohnHopper

    Favorite TV Leads?

    _____________________________________ Amongst the television leads from the past, which ones do you like the most and why? Single Lead: Duo: Trio: Team:
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    Blu-Ray Wish List for Vintage Television

    What is your Blu-Ray wish list for vintage television?
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    Vintage Television Typeface Corner

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    Vintage Television Soundtrack Corner

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    What’s Your Favorite TV Series with actor Roy Thinnes?

    Among the television shows starring actor Roy Thinnes, find: The Long, Hot Summer (1965-1966) as Ben Quick The Invaders (1967-1968) as architect David Vincent The Psychiatrist (1970-1971) as psychiatrist Dr. James Whitman Which one you pick as your favorite one and why?
  6. JohnHopper

    Vintage TV Series You Want To See The BD Treatment?

    What vintage series would you like to see remastered in HD for a blu-ray release? MY CANDIDATES FOR A BLU-RAY RELEASE Danger Man (50 minutes series) Rawhide (especially season 4) The Outer Limits (1963-1965) The Wild Wild West