1. Garysb

    Tenet to Home Video December 15th
  2. P

    Digitized Video on Computers

    When they have shows on television that are on video (like the news, reality shows and sports) and they have copies of the show online, they most of the time, digitize the picture to where it looks like film and loses the life-like videotape look. Is there a freeware app that can change the...
  3. WilliamG

    LG UM7300PUA 65” Lip Sync Issues- Audio AHEAD of Video

    First things first- I’ve been away from this forum for many years, but now am back after recently upgrading most of my system. Regardless of the merits (or demerits) of my system (yes, I’m aware of most of them-and too late), I’m having issues that are really upsetting to me because I can’t...

    Avid movie and video game fan

    I've largely gone digital on entertainment and am a left handed gamer which was fine for classic games but post n64 I was left with no choice but to create my own control layout with default useless and the game industry standard southpaw mode almost useless! The game industry standard southpaw...
  5. Johnny Angell

    Can’t Upload iphone Video

    I took a time lapse and tried to upload it to my media and it says the format can’t be transcoded. Surely the forum can handle iphone videos?
  6. P

    Yamaha RX-V385 no video on AV2 or AV3

    I have a Phillips VCR/CD device connected to my AVx input. I can't get the video portion to work. I have tried both AV2 and AV3 using different RCA cables. Anyone have an idea why? Thanks in advance, Paul
  7. Worth

    Arrow Video Easter Sale (UK)

    On until Monday.
  8. John-Miles

    Onkyo tx-nr905 video is scrambled need help

    So I turned on my system and the audio comes through fine, but the video is varying degrees of scrambled depending on the device I'm using. I am fairly sure after checking the inputs and the cables it is a problem with the receiver so I don't expect someone to solve the problem for me (but I'd...
  9. AlexO

    Bad tearing when streaming video

    Hello, Apologies if it's the wrong subforum to post. I repurposed an old Asus U35Jc laptop running Windows 7 to serve as a streaming video source (Netflix, Amazon Prime) to an LG 47LM8600 via HDMI. The TV is configured as the only output of the laptop at the native 1920x1080 resolution...
  10. GeorgeAB

    FIBBR Pure2 Fiber Optic HDMI Video Cable Review

    FIBBR Pure2 Fiber Optic HDMI Video Cable Review I was given the opportunity to evaluate a recent video interconnect technology product that promises to provide superior signal transfer for the latest 4K UHD HDR programming. My system has yet to be upgraded for 4K but I want to be familiar with...
  11. justegofficial

    Why no SD video on Blu-ray Discs?

    Why haven't any studios thought to put SD quality video on blu-ray discs? I know that when people hear blu-ray they immediately associate it with HD video, but there's no reason why blu-ray discs can't also be used to store SD quality video. I mean, blu-rays hold like 5 times the amount of data...
  12. Nico Morgan

    Yamaha Receiver registering audio as video - Can't use Pro Logic

    First of all, apologies if this is the wrong forum, it could have fitted in several. I have a simple system based around my PC. I watch video on a second monitor attached to the PC but also listen to music through the same system. My PC has on-board sound with three output jacks. It also has a...
  13. NickIsTheMan1313

    marantz sr7012 Component Video Out not working

    I have a tv mounted over a fireplace that has component cables run with too costly of a drywall repair job at the moment to run hdmi and I am not getting any picture output. I have the component cables connected to the monitor/zone2 with the settings set to Main Zone. Does anyone have any...
  14. V

    Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242 - For Sale

    Selling my Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242, the unit has 1x 9G input card, 1x 18G input card, 1x 9G output card. 4x HDMI inputs, 2x HDMI outputs, too many inputs for my needs, seeking to exchange into a 4240. The unit is in very good condition, shipped with a complete set of accessories, including a...
  15. D

    wanted 'it's a living' video series

    looking to purchase dvd/videos of tv series 'it's a living'
  16. Jake Lipson

    Amazon Video "Insufficent bandwith" issues

    I use the Amazon Prime Video app to run HBO as a Prime Video Channel, simply because my Blu-ray player comes with the Amazon app built in but not the HBO app. I've used it several times, as recently as last weekend, without any problem. It works perfectly. Then suddenly a few days ago I got...
  17. Cranston37+

    The Streaming Wars - CNBC video

  18. Worth

    An American Werewolf in London Coming From Arrow Video

    US & UK. The last Universal release looked a little off - hopefully this one will be better. And it will include the original mono track.
  19. Peter McM

    Barnes & Noble 50% off Arrow video sale - key title missing!

    In addition to the welcome Criterion sale, B&N is also offering half off the Arrow catalog. However--the new release of The Andromeda Strain is conspicuously absent. It had been as showing as temporarily out of stock online, then it was briefly available again; now it's gone altogether.
  20. DaveF

    How do I upload HD video to Youtube from iOS?

    Anyone know how to upload HD video from an iPad to YouTube? I upload from the YouTube app and my videos come out as 480p max quality. I’ve got YT set to upload in HD (and now full quality). I’ve let them “sit” overnight and 720p and 1080p don’t appear after googles servers chew on them. I’m...
  21. Spottedfeather

    Change Video Aspect Ratio

    I'm trying to make a video widescreen, but I have no idea what to do. I have tried changing it in VLC and then saving a new version of the movie, but the resulting video is still squished. I've tried online services, but they don't work, either. The video is widescreen, squished into 4:3...I'm...
  22. KingBob

    Projector video "refreshing"

    Sorry, I couldn't think of how to explain it. This has been happening for a while now. I think I might know what causes it, but need to figure out how to resolve. I will hold back my thought and let you guys weigh in and see if others come to the same conclusion. I have a newer projector and...
  23. Todd Erwin

    Crooked Arrows $4.99 on Vudu & Amazon Prime Video

    Most probably don't care about this little film, but the music score was written by a good friend of HTF, Brian Ralston. I snagged Crooked Arrows today for $4.99 on Vudu (it's the same price on Amazon, but higher nearly every where else). Unfortunately, Vudu's Dolby Digital + 5.1 track is...
  24. Bryan^H

    Why do people think video games are a waste of time?

    I have been hearing this for years, and every time I hear it makes me feel rather low considering it is one of my main hobbies. I heard it yesterday from a co-worker "my boyfriend and his stupid video games", and a while back another co-worker said he wants to throw the Xbox his wife bought...
  25. Edoardo

    UHD Is this UHD Blu Ray Home Video aggregator useful?

    Hey guys I just spent my Christmas break and January building this! [Mod: Link removed] Put it live a few days ago I built it cause I am an avid movie fan and I got a huge Blu Ray and a growing UHD Blu Ray collection at home Every time I am about to buy a new UHD Blu Ray I find myself going...
  26. MartinV

    For Sale: Matrox Monarch HD - Live Video Streaming for YouTube, Facebook + More

    I'm selling a Matrox Monarch HD device that does live video streaming for content platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Ustream. A new unit goes for about $995 retail and I'm selling my lightly used unit for $795 with free UPS Ground shipping. If you're interested, please send me a message...
  27. J

    Warner video streaming pulled from Amazon?

    I was checking out some stuff on Amazon Video today and noticed that everything on my Watchlist that was from Warner is showing “This title is currently unavailable.” Some of the titles I checked were: Auntie Mame, Reflections in a Golden Eye, House of Dark Shadows. They do still show available...
  28. DaveF a new Mac Video Player and QuickTime Player Replacement

    FYI, there's a new open source macOS video player meant to be a modern, fully featured app to replace the neutered QuickTime Player. At a quick try, I like it. I've set it as my default to see how it goes.