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  1. Jari K

    True Lies

    Mr. Ling, any news about "True Lies"? This film would need a proper multi-disc SE (also in Blu-ray) and there has been some rumors over the recent years... Can you give us any hope? Thanks!
  2. UHDvision

    Van Ling interview from 2010

    I'm back again with a bit of shameless self promotion, we finally put online the Van Ling interview published by HDvision (both in the iPad and ltd edition print version), for all websurfers to read. So here it is, though going back more than 8 months, it's still a fairly interesting read...
  3. Scott D S

    Look ! Titanic and the missing Trailers on the U.S. DVD

    On the off chance Mr. Ling still reads this forum... Bleeding Cool ran a piece on the upcoming Blu-Ray and it looks like Laurent Bouzereau will be producing some new extras...
  4. Merrick Gearing

    Now that Avatar is successful, will this push Cameron or the studios to release his films quicker on

    Well Van now that Avatar is a success, has Jim finally been able to approve new transfers for Aliens, Terminator, The Abyss and/or True Lies. Im hoping that the sucess of Avatar will push to quicker release of Cameron films on bluray. Will you be working on the Avatar bluray?
  5. trajan


    My understanding is that Photo Kem has scanned a number of Fox Todd-AO films. Will we see Cleopatra or Doctor Dolittle with 65mm transfers on blue ray anytime soon?
  6. charles mix


    I think the real question is(and this is coming from my clients I do productions for).......Will this extra QC that I am paying for sell more DVD's? How many of you out there would more likely by a DVD your really wanted because of the THX QC process. We are also a minority of people who really...
  7. Van Ling

    THX and the value of quality control

    Folks: Another question from my end... I've always been a big proponent of what THX has tried to be in the industry: a forward-thinking technological and artistic resource for the betterment of the audio/visual experience. Obviously, they may not have always succeeded in being that (no one...
  8. Greg Mariotti

    New Projects for Van?

    Hi Van. Just wondering what projects you are currently working on? Anything that you can share with us? thanks
  9. SVTStingRay

    Star Wars Saga DVDs

    Just wanted to say welcome. any news on the uber-star wars saga box set thats always been rumored to be released or possibly on bluray? whats your opinion on why it hasnt come out, lucas has always been a fan of high tech yet hes dragged his feet in regards of dvd technology and now with bluray...
  10. EnricoE

    Titanic and the missing Trailers on the U.S. DVD

    van, is there a reason why paramount dropped the trailers for the u.s. release of the dvd? fox had them on their dvd including a storyboard version of the teaser, which i'd love to see in final form, but that ain't gonna happen ;)
  11. Van Ling


    Another question for the forum: What do you think of BD-Live? This is supposed to be one of the hot new things about BD to try to sell the format... but is it just a gimmick to HTF vets? Can you see any actual use for internet connectivity from a BD player or disc? What would make this...
  12. Van Ling

    Terminator 1 & 2

    Here's a question for the forum: What kind of features might you want to see on a new BD version of the first Terminator film? Or for T2, for that matter? Obviously, the first thing is to try to include everything that was on the previous DVDs, but beyond that, what would make it...
  13. Todd Erwin

    The Abyss

    Any chance we may see "The Abyss" on BD anytime soon? This is one title in desperate need of remastering for 16:9 screens.
  14. TheBat

    star wars prequel dvd question

    I read on the back of the cover for each prequel movie that the movie should have dolby digital EX. but I only get dolby digital on them. I know that I can get dolby digital EX on episode 4-6. Jacob
  15. Ronald Epstein

    Welcome Van!

    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Van Ling to our Insiders Area here at Home Theater Forum. Van is no stranger to the members of this forum. Most everyone is aware of his efforts to bring a new level of interactivity to some of the most popular DVD Special Editions. If...