1. Blu Eye

    Could Physical Media Extend To USB

    I have been thinking of the concept of HD films been packaged on a USB flash drive. 64 GB drives and bigger are widely available now so there does not seem to be an obstacle in a data storage capacity regard. Also, I am curious to know if it would save costs over discs. Don't know how much...
  2. I

    Sony ubp-x700 USB LPCM question

    I'm planning on purchasing the X700 blu-ray player. I want to play a movie file with dts-ma or true-hd off of a USB attached to the blu-ray. It says in the manual on page 30 that it supports Dolby Digital, LPCM, AAC, MP3 audio formats. I also have a Denon receiver that can decode dts-ma 7.1 and...