1. R

    Region free Blu-rays that are "not authorized for sale outside The USA" sold though Amazon outside The USA??

    So I live in Europe and want to buy a Blu-ray release through Amazon, but I noticed the back cover says: "Not authorized for sale outside The USA." Oddly the Blu-ray itself is region free. It's by Warner Brothers and I read that all their Blu-rays are region free. Doesn't that mean they want...
  2. Kyrsten Brad

    Skatetown USA (1979)

    Well folks, it took four decades but we finally got a high definition home media release of what had become a holy grail cult classic from the era of disco films which sought to forever destroy humankind’s sense of good taste. Skatetown USA (1979), two copies no less, arrived at my humble...
  3. Adam Lenhardt

    Mr. Robot: The Final Season

    Season 1 thread Season 2 thread Season 3 thread "Mr. Robot" returns on October 6. How Many People Have You Hurt?
  4. DFurr

    QSC USA 900 Amps For Sale

    I'm upgrading my QSC amps to the newer DCA models so I've got FOUR QSC USA 900 amps for sale. They are in my way so I'm having a fire sale. $90 each plus shipping.
  5. MarkMel

    The Sinner - Season 2 USA

    Season 2 starts on 8/1. Looks like another good story.
  6. MarkMel

    The Sinner - USA

    Anyone watch the first season of this? Stars Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman. From IMDB "Follows the story of a young woman who commits a horrific act of violence and rage, and to her surprise, has no idea why. And the investigator who becomes obsessed with the case and is determined to dig into...
  7. Dick

    Which Highly Desirable Paramount Films Without A USA Blu-Ray Might Become Available in Europe?

    StudioCanal released MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS in UK recently, which was distributed by Paramount in the U.S. We have seen (and I have bought) European Blu-rays of ROMEO AND JULIET (1968), ATLANTIC CITY, PAPER MOON, THE ELEPHANT MAN, CONQUEST OF SPACE, THE DEAD ZONE and several others because...
  8. Robert_Zohn

    2018 Winter Olympics - Pyeongchang, South Korea broadcast in UHD/HDR across the USA

    NBC will broadcast the Winter Olympics in 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos audio across the USA to Comcast X1 set top box subscribers with 4K HDR capable TVs.
  9. S

    USA Shipping forwarding

    I am looking into shipping holding companies in USA and the costs involved including custom fees. The threshold on UK customs is around £15. If it is a large order of 10 plus DVD's can you ask the holding Co to ship each separately to avoid customs charge. I presume though that you would be...
  10. John Sparks

    Kirkorian putting in the largest screen in the USA in my city!

    That's right, the city I live in, Menifee, CA (just north of Temecula) will be getting the largest screen in the USA put in within the next year and it just received city council approval last night. The average IMAX size is 72' wide x 53' high. The largest IMAX screen is 117 'w x 96' h and...
  11. I

    Using USA subwoofer RMS-300W in UK. What step down WATTAGE should I look for?

    I'm gonna have a sub woofer which is rated as 120V-130W, However it's RMS rating is 300W. I'm gonna use it in 220v~240v current supply. I decided to buy a step down transformer. However transformers comes with certain VA value. Since the sub woofer consumes only 130W. Should I buy a transformer...