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  1. Greg Lovern

    DVD upscaling to 4K

    How is your DVD upscaling to 4K? I just got a Sanyo FW65R70F, and I'm viewing disks from an old Sony BDP-S360. Upscaling from blu-ray looks great, but upscaling from DVD, though in places impressive for 24x upscaling, is sometimes swimming in artifacts. I tried setting the blu-ray player to...
  2. K

    Difference between 1080p and upscale to 4K

    Hello. I wanted to ask something from the more knowledgable members here because I don't know much of these things. I currently have a 24'' monitor where I watch my blurays. I don't have a TV, and I'm thinking of buying a larger monitor for my pc (43''), where I will also watch my blurays. I...
  3. Hal Masonberg

    4K upscaling via Sony X800 Blu-ray player or Epson 5040UB Projector?

    My Blu-ray player does 4K upscaling (Sony X800). However, my Epson 5040UB projector also does 4K upscaling. Is one inherently better than the other? Or does it just come down to looking at them side-by-side and picking a personal preference? Or is one actually using a better, more refined...