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  1. darkrock17

    Monty Python's Flying Circus: Complete Series Blu US Release

    I saw a few months go on bluray.com that the series was going to be getting a North American release from Universal of all companies. Since then I have not seen any press releases anywhere that says this is an official release or not. It's street date is set for Nov. 24. Does anyone know if...
  2. F

    MGM: Co-financing partners and Annapurna?

    Is MGM still going to co-finance films with studio partners like Warner, Paramount, Sony and Universal and utilize their distribution services even after relaunching their theatrical distribution arm with Annapurna, or are they trying to break free from the studios they collaborate with and move...
  3. G

    Digital HD Ultraviolet code - are they geoblocked ?

    I just bought a BR from Amazon. It states it is for all regions. Erin Brockovich ( universal studios ) Both on the back and inside it states that you get a Digital HD Ultraviolet UV and also includes itunes On the Front it only mentions the Digital HD Ultraviolet UV When I attempt to redeem...