umbrella entertainment

  1. Dick

    International To My Eyes...SIRENS (1994) From Umbrella Entertainment in Australia

    This, I think, is a vastly underrated comedy, about a young clergyman and his wife (Hugh Grant and Tara Fitzgerald) who move to Australia from London, only to receive a directive from their church to travel to the mountains of the outback to try to dissuade the controversial artist Norman...
  2. atfree

    International Attack Force Z (1982)- coming from Umbrella Entertainment

    From Umbrella Entertainment's Facebook page: ATTACK FORCE Z is Coming to Blu-Ray! Watch Mel Gibson and Sam Neill in Glorious HD as the elite military team dispatched during WW II to locate and rescue the survivors of a shot down plane, stranded on a South Pacific island occupied by the...
  3. Tony J Case

    The Man from Hong Kong! Stunt Rock! Kung-Fu Killers! All coming to Blu? AWESOME!!!

    So I'm preordering the Vestron Videos from diabolik when I spot in the "Coming Soon" section, the Brian Trenchard-Smith classic flick The Man from Hong Kong, coming from Umbrella Entertainment. It's got Jimmy Wang from Master of the Flying Guillotine and George "I Gave Up James Bond" Lazenby...