1. Ronald Epstein

    Does UltraViolet still work in 2020?

    As I have only recently discovered and immersed myself in the digital realm, I am continuing to redeem codes on many of my Blu-ray titles. Finally coming to those with UltraViolet. Some say that they expire in 2018. These seem to be the type of codes you have to insert your disc into a...
  2. Brian L

    UltraViolet is shutting down

    I received an email this morning from UV. Details are here: https://www.myuv.com/faq
  3. Movies R Great


    For sale The Walking Dead - The Complete Sixth Season Digital HD Ultraviolet - $7.50 Payment via Paypal friends and family. Please send me a message if you are interested. Thank you!
  4. Movies R Great

    PASSENGERS (2016) - Digital HD Ultraviolet Code

    For Sale: PASSENGERS (2016) with Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt - Digital HD Ultraviolet Code HDX - $5.50 Payment: Paypal Friends and Family only Thanks for looking!
  5. Christian T Lee

    Smart TV Streaming UltraViolet in Canada alternatives?

    Hi All So here in Canada our ability to stream UV titles on Smart TV’s has become next to nonexistent. Apparently CinemaNow has shut their doors for Canada, Flixster closed up shop on Smart TV’s in Canada a while ago and VUDU is not valuable unless you resort to a VPN alternative. The whole...
  6. themachine

    HEAT HD itunes google play or VUDU, Big Bang theory season 9 HD

    HEAT was taken from the blu-ray which is director's definitive edition. $3 Paypal friends and family only. Available in itunes, VUDU, or google play. Big Bang Theory Season 9 - HD - $4. Available in UV format.
  7. G

    Digital HD Ultraviolet code - are they geoblocked ?

    I just bought a BR from Amazon. It states it is for all regions. Erin Brockovich ( universal studios ) Both on the back and inside it states that you get a Digital HD Ultraviolet UV and also includes itunes On the Front it only mentions the Digital HD Ultraviolet UV When I attempt to redeem...
  8. D

    4 for $6 - Cinderella, Labyrinth, + 2 Other UltraViolet Movies

    I'm selling 4 UltraViolet HD Movies as a lot for $6. Each code is taken from a Blu-Ray i've recently purchased. If interested, please PM me. The lot includes: - Disney's Cinderella (2015 Live Action + Disney Rewards) - Labyrinth (30th Anniversary) - 10 Cloverfield Lane - The Mortal Instruments
  9. D

    little house on the prairie complete series digital ultraviolet code

    complete series code for 40.00 paypal only
  10. J

    Digital Codes (dc) for Sale ! *Updated*

    UV HDX for sale: Deadpool 4$ Ice Age 4$ The Martian 4$ Life of pi 3.5$ Furious 7 3.5$ The Expendables 3 3.5$ Paypal F&F Only. PM if interested. For fast response, email me at jerryhouw(at)gmail.com Thanks!
  11. D

    UltraViolet Disney's Cinderella 2015 & The Jungle Book 2016 Live Action, Labyrinth 30th, and More

    I picked up a number of Blu Ray's of late and am offering up the UltraViolet Digital HD Movies for sale. If interested in PM me and we'll go from there on a first come, first serve basis. - Disney's Cinderella (2015 Live Action w/Disney Rewards) - $4 - Labyrinth (2016 30th Anniversary) - $3...
  12. B

    Ultraviolet Codes For Sale!!!

    I have the following codes for sale. I accept PayPal as payment. Thanks for looking: I don't use the codes, so if I can help people that do, you're more than welcome to them! I will try to update daily as I get new codes! I have plenty more, they're just not listed. Please message me if you...
  13. aqs87

    ultraviolet hd purge election year full code $5

    if interested just reply
  14. Adam Gregorich

    Contest: Win some Lionsgate Digital Copies, plus huge BF sale!

    See the bottom of this post for details on how you can win digital copies of these 16 action films! Black Friday is almost here and Lionsgate is getting a jump start on the holiday madness by offering over 100 of their digital catalog titles at up to 50% off! Titles like: The Twilight Saga The...
  15. C

    ARROW SEASON 3 Digital HD UltraViolet code for sale

    $7.00 PM for PayPal address
  16. I

    Digital Codes for Sale - UV and iTunes

    Fore sale - Please PM: HD UV $6 - Star Wars - The Force Awakens (Full code) $12 - Mr. Robot S1 $3 - Peanuts $3 - Dredd $3 - G.I. Joe Retaliation $3 - The Wolverine HD iTunes $3 - Peanuts $3 - Kick Ass 2 $3 - The Visit $3 - Straight Outta Compton
  17. V

    Walking Dead: Comp 6th Season Ultraviolet Digital HD Code-$7.00

    Walking Dead: Comp 6th Season Ultraviolet Digital HD Code------------- $7.00 Purchased Blu-Ray myself Brand New & Sealed Payment: Paypal F & F only. If interested, PM me, I'll Email my Paypal address and once payment is received, I'll EMail code and instructions within 12 hours of receipt of...
  18. Todd Erwin

    FandangoNow Customer Service

    Went to watch my UV copy of The Huntsman: Winter's War on FandangoNow, which showed that I had UHD access for this title (I was curious how it fared when compared to the UHD disc). What a disaster! Although I can watch in UHD, the soundtrack that accompanies the film was for Luc Besson's Lucy...
  19. C


  20. C

    GOTHAM Season 2 UltraViolet for sale SOLD

  21. C

    New Member here, how do UV code sales work

    Would like to sell, what happens after I list item and price? Is all payment via Paypal?
  22. M

    Media Codes

    **See the last posted for updated listing** The Boss (Unrated) - HD UV - $6 The Boss (Unrated) - HD iTunes - $3 The Divergent Series: Allegiant - HD iTunes - $3 Vinyl: Season 1 - HD UV - $7.50, HD Google Play - $2.50 The Good Dinosaur - HD Google Play (Canada) - $2 Zootopia - HD Google Play...
  23. D

    10 Cloverfield Lane UltraViolet HD Code - $4

    Just picked up 10 Cloverfield Lane on Blu Ray yesterday. I'm willing to sell the Digital HD UV Code for $4. First come, first serve. If interested, send me a PM. I accept PayPal only :D
  24. D

    Digital codes for sale

    12 years a slave Aladdin(Disney DMA) Birdman Gone Girl It follows Lego Movie Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome Mad Max: Fury road Zodiac Make an offer, can bundle for a discount. Looking for paypal/Amazon GC payment
  25. J

    Disney Movie Anywhere V.S. Ultraviolet

    When DMA first came out, many digital media enthusiasts commented that DMA was better than the UV ecosystem because it was able to connect to iTunes. It later added Amazon, Google Play and Vudu. But DMA lacks many other important features that UltraViolet has. For instance, Disc to Digital and...
  26. Michaelslife

    The Hunger Games

    I have Digital Ultraviolet codes for CATCHING FIRE & MOCKINGJAY PART 2. Would like to trade for other Digital Ultraviolet codes.
  27. D

    Connect Ultraviolet to Alternative VOD?

    Is possible to connect an Ultraviolet account to either Amazon Instant or Google Play? I have a growing UV library, but Amazon/Google are my preferred streaming services and I would prefer to playback my UV titles on those services if possible. Thanks!
  28. P

    HD Ultraviolet codes for trade or sale make your best offer

    Please look at last page for the most current list All codes are from blu ray discs purchased in the U.S. All codes are in High Definition Vudu, Flixsrer and some iTunes I will trade for another or make your best offer for purchase. Reply by post , messaging or email [email protected]...
  29. Ray_Rogers1979

    Ultraviolet & Digital Copy Codes for Sale! Paypal Fees Included.

    NOT BUYING OR TRADING! All ULTRAVIOLET unless some have Digital Copy included: Paypal fees included. All prices are FINAL AND NON-NEGOTIABLE. NO FRIENDS AND FAMILY THROUGH PAYPAL! (Expires = MUST redeem code before then. No Digital Copy discs included, CODES ONLY! Along with the numbered...
  30. P

    HD HDX ultraviolet codes several to choose from

    All codes listed are HD high definition UltraViolet codes HDX if you have a vudu account Payment will be made with PayPal I will also consider trades for other high-def ultraviolet codes I will consider reasonable offers. All codes are unused and checked to make sure it is valid I am new...