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  1. Neil Middlemiss

    UHD Review Pet Sematary UHD Review

    Neil Middlemiss submitted a new blog post Pet Sematary UHD Review Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  2. M

    Need recommendation...

    Hi All - New here - thanks for having me. I recently took the jump to an Lg oled and want to feed it some 4K discs. I currently have an Oppo BD-105 which is a great unit for High res music and dvd/blu. However - it is not 4K and their 4K model is outrageously priced as it’s sold out.... So - I’m...
  3. Neil Middlemiss

    UHD Review Jack Reacher UHD Review

    Neil Middlemiss Jack Reacher UHD Review Based on Lee Child’s exciting character and adapted from the novel One Shot, Jack Reacher is a gripping old-school thriller anchored by a terrific performance from Tom Cruise, a foundation of brilliant filmmaking, and a hard-boiled, gritty feel that...
  4. Tony Bensley

    Are Online Home Video Vendors Shifting Away From Item Replacement Option?

    I'm currently in a situation with Import CDs (Via Amazon Canada Marketplace) in which a Honeymooners Blu-ray set that I ordered 3 weeks back hasn't yet arrived. Upon making some inquiries, it has been confirmed to me that while Import CDs used to offer options for item replacement OR refund...