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  1. Edwin-S

    Method for fixing a dented Dome Tweeter

    Somehow, I managed to push in the center of the aluminum dome tweeter on my CM8. Does anyone know of a method for pulling a dent out of a dome tweeter?
  2. Mr. Shelly

    Replacement tweeter suggestions

    I have a pair of Energy Connoiseur C-6 front speakers which I love. One of the tweeters is broke and can't be repaired. There are no replacements available anywhere. Simply Speakers is willing to rebuild them both with totally different guts just keeping the grill but I am not to hip on that...
  3. Mr. Shelly

    Anybody have an older Energy Tweeter

    I have an older (and oh so awesome) pair of Energy Connoisseur C-6 front speakers. This from the late and great Canada made generation. I just love them but one of the tweeters was cracked and not repairable. I have contacted just about everybody possible and there are no replacements out there...