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  1. I

    British TV shows from the 1960s on Network DVD

    Network DVD here in the UK has just started a paid streaming system featuring old 1960s shows from our ABC Channel. This week they have announced some titles will be available on DVD as well. These programmes were made in monochrome and are excellent. Sadly I don't know how available they...

    What Classic Movies, TV Shows,& Animation would you like to see on Bluray ?

    Here are a Few of mine :)
  3. David Weicker

    Fred Willard passes away at 86

    Fred Willard - talented comedian passes away from natural causes. I think my favorite of his many, many roles was Fernwood/America 2Night and Best In Show
  4. John*Wells

    Throwback Tech on DVD TV shows

    Whats the thing you notice the most about Classic TV on DVD That is minimal today? For me its the communications tech. Hardline Telephones or a CB Radio
  5. MatthewA

    American TV shows that only got complete disc releases in other countries

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  6. Emcee

    Lucille Ball & Her TV Shows

    Lucille Ball is the undisputed Queen of Television Comedy. She starred in three (technically four) highly successful television sitcoms: I Love Lucy, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show, and Here's Lucy. She was a staple on American television for almost twenty-five years, at a time when...
  7. matinee nostalgia

    Where to watch Vintage TV shows on the web

    We all know that there's many classic/vintage (1950-1980) TV shows available on YouTube and also on Dailymotion but is there any other sites. I just found out I'm just wondering if there's other sites ?
  8. jcroy

    Which modern current tv shows do you still buy on dvd?

    For many years I followed a "no bluray = no sale" rule, largely to limit the number of tv season sets I buy. (Primarily to avoid jumping onto an ocd compulsive collecting treadmill). The fact that many non-genre and/or non-cable shows are not released on bluray at all, makes this very...
  9. Bryan^H

    TV shows most rare on DVD

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  10. Neil Brock

    The era of TV shows on DVD is coming to an end

    We really are in the end game of TV DVD releases. They are just not selling anymore and the companies which do vintage releases are dwindling. Sony, Universal, MGM and Fox have long been out of that business. CBS seems to be committed to finishing Gunsmoke and maybe Bonanza but that seems to be...
  11. JohnHopper

    TV Shows needing a decent Re-Release?

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  12. rmw650

    Add two more TV shows to the completed list...Alice and The Wayans Brothers are now completed.

    Just spotted this on the TV DVD section of facebook as we can now add the shows Alice and The Wayan Brothers as being officially completed com e next month as Alice, the 9th and Final Season rolls onto DVD on March 12th and Wayans Brothers Season 5/Final Season comes out on the format on March...
  13. Sa5150

    Older Tv shows in HD ? Streaming , Possible bluray ?

    I'm trying to find shows that are in HD that you can not buy a blu-ray yet . Hulu has The Odd Couple but not every episode due to some music rights issues . I noticed Gilligan's Island in HD on Itunes . Anyone like to add to the list would be awesome
  14. LouA

    Nineteen fifties TV shows on Blu-ray.

    I can only think of four 1950s shows that made it to Blu-ray: Twilight Zone , The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy, (2 seasons and stalled ) and The Californians (!!!). It's amazing that the Californians was released on Blu-ray , while so many other popular show like Gunsmoke, Leave It To...
  15. mrz7

    Anyone else disappointed in the 2018 Holiday Season TV shows on DVD & Blu Ray Announcements?

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  16. Chip_HT

    For TV shows, VUDU or Amazon?

    While I've completely jumped into Movies Anywhere and have redeemed or purchased movies at multiple retailers, I haven't ventured too much into streaming TV. Right now, Timeless is on sale at Vudu and Amazon, where the total price for two seasons streaming in HD is about the same as the price...
  17. Peter M Fitzgerald

    I'm nostalgic for old 'Creature Features' intros on local TV...

    ...things like "Chiller Theatre" from WPIX-11 out of New York, WGN-9 Chicago's "Creature Features" and WKGB/WLVI-56 Boston's "Creature Double Feature"... I recently made a couple of my own, just for fun, using free audio/video editing software: :popcorn:
  18. benbess

    Your top 10 TV shows of the 2010s

    As this decade draws to a close, we are experiencing one of the greatest eras ever for good television. What are your personal top 10 favorites for shows that premiered starting in 2010? Here's my preliminary list, although probably I'm forgetting something. 1. Westworld 2016- Even though it's...
  19. JasonLa

    track, rate, etc movies and tv shows question

    Up until now Netflix has served my purpose for keeping track of what I have watched and what I have rated the stuff. However with their recent change to a dumbed-down thumbs up or down it is no longer acceptable for the purposes it once served. I find goodreads to be very useful for doing...