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  1. Robert_Zohn

    Value Electronics 2021 TV Shootout Evaluation event

    Check out "Keep it Classy's" Youtube video on his visit to our showroom. This is the fist time I'm discussing our 2021 TV Shootout Evaluation event.
  2. Robert_Zohn

    Value Electronics 2020 TV Shootout Updates

    In respect for the COVID-19 Pandemic, CE Week and our 2020 TV Shootout have been cancelled. The Jacob Javits will used as a hospital to support New Yorkers in their time of need. We are converting our a/v showroom into the 2020 TV Shootout for side-by-side evaluation of the premium new TVs and...
  3. Robert_Zohn

    2020 TV Shootout Evaluation event

    I signed on with CE Week NYC again for our 2020 TV Shootout Evaluation event. The dates/times are June 10, 2020 from 9am - 5pm and June 11th from 9am - 3pm. Here's the link to CE Week's web page. Very impressive lineup of 2020 TVs and our expert presenters and professional judges. This year...
  4. Robert_Zohn

    Value Electronics 2019 TV Shootout at CE Week NY/Jacob Javits

    Just signed on to host my 2019 TV Shootout evalueaiton event with CE Week NY at the Jacob Javits on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. This year we brough in Joel Silver, Scott Wilkinson, Kevin Miller and John Reformato to calibrate the displays, moderate the event and be part of our special VIP...
  5. Robert_Zohn

    2018 Value Electronics TV Shootout Evaluation Event

    Value Electronics’ 14th annual TV Shootout® Evaluation event will be at our showroom in Scarsdale on Sunday, Sept 23rd at 11 AM! This year will prove to be the most exciting yet as we celebrate more than a decade of side-by-side evaluations of the premium TVs. We’d love to have you attend the...
  6. Robert_Zohn

    Value Electronics 2018 TV shootout

    OK folks I need your advice. We've been planning our 2018 TV Shootout since early January when I attended CES. Up till a few days ago I was planning to put the TV Shootout on in early June. But now that Samsung has announced the new flagship Q9S series and it's been rumored that Sony will...
  7. Robert_Zohn

    On the heels of great reviews; two big TV Shootout wins and improved production prices drop

    Beginning today, Sunday, August 13th, LG and Sony lowered the prices on many of their 2017 UHD OLED TV SRPs. Sony's 65" A1E drops another $500 to now list for $4499 and the 55" A1E drops $300 to $3299 SRP. LG's 77" G7 goes down to $12,999 from yesterday's $15k list and the 65" W7 went down $1k...
  8. Robert_Zohn

    2017 TV Shootout Evaluation event will be in NYC, July 12 and July 13, 2017

    We're holding our 2017 TV Shootout TM evaluation event in conjunction with CE Week NY on 7/12 - 13, 2017. Joel Silver of ISF and Kevin Miller of ISF TV will be running the event this year along with Matt and Jeff Murray of AV Pro Store. Joel and Kevin made a significant change to the event...