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  1. B

    TV Mount: Can I fit a 100mm-hole TV onto 200mm VESA arm?

    I have a pre-installed arm with a non-removable, tilting 200mmx200mm VESA plate (no other holes). I just bought a new 43-inch TV and the new TV has 100mmx100mm holes. I really don't want to take down this firmly installed arm. How can I adapt the 200x200 plate to fit a TV with 100x100 holes?
  2. saudiboy

    TV Mount Hidden Cabinet

    I have a 3 tiered built in; a cabinet on top, the TV cabinet in the middle and drawers below. The built in has mouldings on the side and top. I want to replace the existing tube TV with a mounted flat screen (60 or 65 inches) that will extend to the edge of the mouldings. I want the TV to...
  3. T

    Fixed projector screen on tv mount

    Hey guys, i have a large basement window that is preventing me from mounting a fixed screen. I can get a tv mount that slides up and down, use a sheet of 1/4" plywood behind the projector screen and attach it to this. This way when im going to watch the projector i can simply slide the screen up...
  4. S

    Mount LED TV on 12'' wood column and allow to swivel/turn to any direction

    I have a new apartment (loft) that has a 12" thick column right in the middle of the room (son's bedroom), and I/he/we want to mount an LED TV to said column and still permit it to swivel or rotate in any direction in the room (wires and cables withstanding). So if I'm sitting in the corner of...
  5. J

    Need help with TV mount

    Hey everyone I'm all done with my remodel and I go to mount my TV to the wall and see that I need 3 1/2 inch studs to install the mount. The studs are 16 inches apart (which are with in specs). They are 1 1/2 inches wide (which is also with in specs), but the are 2 1/2 inches deep instead of...
  6. N

    Tv Mount Question.

    So i am doing a new pc set up and am trying to find a good tv mount, i am going to be mounting it on the wall, with a lay flat recliner next to it, im looking for a fairly long arm mount that will let the tv move into a lying screen down position above the head of the recliner and also be able...