tv channels

  1. JasonLa

    TV channels botching aspect ratios, what the deal?

    This is driving me crazy but lately TV channels have been taking programs originally recorded in 16:9 and are distorting it to something like 2.39:1 so that there are black bars about 10% of the height of the screen on the top and on the bottom. And worse taking old 4:3 programming and...
  2. RolandL

    Why do we still have SD (Standard Definition) TV channels?

    I replaced a cable box and noticed all the extra channels I was getting. But when I clicked on them, they were all SD. How many people still do not own an HD TV? Do they watch SD on their HD TV's? The picture is so soft I don't know how they can watch it.
  3. TJPC

    TCM Magazine

    My copy of "Now Playing" was a little late this month, so I went on the TCM website to see if I could check the status of my subscription. I was led to this page: It states there that the TCM magazine will stop publishing this...