1. bradcb

    Volume discontinuity mystery

    Hi there! I'm a beginner cobbling together a frankensystem, and I have hit a dead end trying to troubleshoot an odd behavior: The volume knob on my receiver seems to have no effect on the volume I hear, except it "snaps" to a new level at a few key points: -∞ (min): No sound from speakers -99dB...
  2. B

    Pioneer SX-LX70SW

    Hey guys, new member here. Just having an issue with a surround sound unit Ive had & was using but have not used it for some time. It is a SX-LX70SW and I cannot get the power to turn on. I have attached a photo to give you guys some insight into what the system looks like. Let me know. Ive...
  3. S

    I need help with this

    Amateur alert........Just bought the Panamax 5300 to protect $8000 worth of equipment but I over looked something. This unit has a 15 amp circuit on that back that trips if it goes over. My whole basement (including the cave) is wired to a 20 amp circuit. So does this mean I can’t hook this up...
  4. Nick*Z

    Some 4K issues with non-4K content

    Okay, wondering if anyone on the forum can shed some light on this problem I seem to be having. Purchased the Panasonic Viera TC-65DX800C and am enjoying it immensely with one caveat. Occasionally, I seem to be getting a queer 'ghosting' of the red record while uprezing Blu-ray content from my...
  5. B

    Can't Send Messages

    I haven't been able to send a message for over a week now. Everytime I hit send, I get a pop up that says that it cannot send because of it's "Spam-like" nature or "inappropriate language. Please change your content or try again later. If problem continues contact administrator." This is a...