1. Andrew M

    Lone Pine Film Festival 2019

    We were in Lone Pine, California over the July 4th Holiday. Lone Pine ( and the surrounding area) has been used in hundreds of movies and television shows dating back to The Round-Up with Roscoe Arbuckle in 1920. The Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry series made extensive used of the...
  2. M

    Black Panther & Tremors

    Black Panther - HD iTunes (transfers to MA/Vudu/GP/Amazon/FN) - $8 Black Panther - HD Google Play (transfers to MA/Vudu/iTunes/Amazon/FN) - $7 Tremors 6: A Cold Day in Hell - HD MA/UV (transfers to VUDU/iTunes/Amazon/GP/FN) - $6
  3. Neil Middlemiss

    Interview Exclusive HTF Interview with Michael Gross (Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell)

    Native Chicagoan, Michael Gross, is a prolific stage, television and film actor, and is perhaps most known for two very different roles. Many audiences know and admire him for his work as the ex-Hippy Steven Keaton, father to Michael J. Fox’s Alex, and Justine Bateman’s Mallory, on the award...
  4. joshEH

    TREMORS Pilot starring Kevin Bacon (Syfy)

    Looks like Kevin Bacon has just officially signed onto Syfy's new Tremors TV series pilot, reprising his role as Val from the original film: Better be white trash as shit. This is everything I ever wanted. Let's...