1. Rimas G

    Can these Klipsch 5800 in-wall speakers be better than similarly priced RP5000F towers?

    I need speakers for a soon to be finished basement 5.1.2 area. See attached picture of the area. I am trying to decide between tower speakers and in-wall speakers. I've read countless posts and articles on this ("in-wall will never sound as good as tower" vs. "SOME in-wall can beat out SOME...
  2. D

    Can I use towers as rear/surround and bookshelf as R and L??

    So I know the answer is simply yes, it is possible and if you plug them in they’ll work. But, am I just wasting decent speakers capabilities(Decent in my estimation at least) by using the towers in the rear? The room is multi-purpose and not dedicated HT, so the best flow for the room means...
  3. D

    Newbie - First post - Def Tech BP2000TL - Speaker tower wiring help.

    I'm using speaker towers for only HT and don't have a dedicated sub yet. If I wire the High/MId for my Front R & L, should I put the tower subwoofers on the same channel or separate sub channels using LFE? (Receiver Sony STR-DN1080) Example of back panel below:
  4. Wes

    My new DIY front left and right towers.

    I had designed these over 10 years ago but put off building them so I finally built them to replace the DIY bookshelf on stands I had been using. Dayton 5 1/4 and 30 year old (but new in box) Radio Shack 1" Mylar dome tweeters. These drivers are a 100 percent match to all my other 7.1 theater...