1. DaveF

    FS: TiVo Roamio Plus 3TB (Lifetime) and 2 TiVo Mini's - $250 - Local Pickup in NoVa / DMV

    TiVo Roamio Plus (six tuner) with Lifetime service (no subscription fees), and 3TB upgraded hard drive -- 450 hours of HD content. Two TiVo Mini's enable whole-home use. All remotes and power cables. Requires a Cable Card from your cable company for the TiVo Roamio. All hardware works like new...
  2. Dave Hahn

    Tivo Edge with cable card and Cisco Tuner

    I gave up on using the new DVR from Spectrum; I had issues with both the software gui's and the hardware itself was wonky. Bought a Tivo Edge, got a Cisco cable card and Cisco cable tuner from Spectrum. Two issues: 1. The cable tuner runs hot, really hot. so hot I don't trust it in my rack...
  3. Ted Todorov

    TiVo and DVRs in general are slowly dying

    TiVo lately has been disgraceful (I say this as a TiVo user for many years). They no longer even sell a 3TB TiVo - just ones with smaller capacity. If my TiVo Roamio dies, I'm screwed. The TiVo iPad remote app went from being very good with occasional bugs to close to unusable. Gone is the one...
  4. Greg Lovern

    HD Tivo image quality on 4K television set

    We've had our Tivo Roamio Plus since 2015, watching it on an HD DLP TV, and all was well. Recently we upgraded the TV to a 4K model, the new Sanyo FW65R70F. On the new TV, streamed HD content upscaled to 4K looks great, and blu-ray disks in our old blu-ray player (we still don't have a 4K disk...
  5. DaveF

    TiVo planning to add pre-roll ads before DVR playback

    This is from late September, but I just learned about it. This is a great way to get to me toss my TiVo in the trash and move to streaming 100%. I'm hoping this doesn't hit lifetime sub boxes. :( https://zatznotfunny.com/2019-09/tivo-preroll-ads/
  6. V

    TiVo HDMI Port Question -- What Could Possibly Explain This?

    I got a new TiVo Bolt, model # TCD849000VO. My TV, a Samsung PNC50C7000, has 4 HDMI inputs. I plugged the TiVo into HDMI 4 and it worked great. I then unplugged the TiVo and moved it to the shelf where it's going to normally be. I plugged it into HDMI 1 and got a picture that was mostly red...
  7. Charles_Y

    Harmony Hub & Companion - TiVo power cycle issues

    Recently bought the hub and companion. I have a major issue that never occurred with my other Harmony remotes. I have a TiVo Premiere for my cable tv feed. When leaving a "watching cable tv" activity to watch a DVD for example a power command appears to be sent to the box. The Tivo box and...
  8. DaveF

    Tivo: An Oral History of the Original DVR

  9. Adam Gregorich

    Looking to "cut the cord" Tivo a good option?

    I'm seriously thinking about dropping satellite TV. I was looking at Comcast, but the hidden fees for local and sports programming along with their equipment fees make it hard to justify the price. I'm thinking of installing an antenna in the attic for local tv, and then getting a streaming...
  10. DaveF

    TiVo's GameSkip: watch the ads, skip the game!

    I've been waiting for this my whole life!!! http://pages.email.tivo.com/gameskip2019
  11. Ted Todorov

    iPad apps - TiVO, NYTimes...etc that go from native to web apps, iOS/Android or at a minimum iPhone

    Just went to my iPad TiVO app to record the Dodgers - Brewers game (I don’t even know where my TiVo remote is, I strictly use my iPad for recording/playback/remote to watch on TV)...and — clearly totally new, demands username/passwords, pretty much acts like a website. This type of iPad app...
  12. Todd Erwin

    TiVo Wins Comcast Patent Case

    Todd Erwin TiVo Wins Comcast Patent Case TiVo shares rose more than 12% in after-hours trading Tuesday after the International Trade Commission handed down a final ruling finding that Comcast had violated two TiVo patents, formerly held by Rovi, that allow users to program their DVR via a...
  13. Ronald Epstein

    TiVo Announces 4K TiVo BOLT+ at CEDIA 2016

    TiVo Announces 4K TiVo BOLT+ at CEDIA 2016 Latest Addition to the TiVo BOLT® Family Creates the Ultimate Multi-Room Video Experience with Six Tuners, 3TB of Recording Capacity, and New Black Chassis CEDIA EXPO – DALLAS, TX – September 12, 2016 – TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO), the global leader in...