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    "The Three Stooges" Bio-pic. (TV movie, 2000)

    Recently saw The Three Stooges film (Farrelly Brothers) for the first time, and it reminded me that back in Spring 2000 - there was an interesting looking made for TV bio-pic. about the Stooges, starring Michael Chiklis (among others). I never saw this, but based on the ads it looked like a...

    Time Life and The Three Stooges?

    Received this email from Time Life, but can't find anymore information.
  3. Pete Battista

    My November Movie Marathon: Classic Comedy Greats

    Yes I admit it... I was one of those fools that used to never watch the old Black and White films. While I have seen the light several years ago and began watching them I am very far behind on films from really anything older then the mid seventies.. So I thought this month I should rectify...