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  1. Robert_Zohn

    Technics & Value Electronics present an advance preview of Reference Class Turntables

    We're finalizing the details of Technics SP10R/SL1000 launch party at Value Electronics for Saturday, May 19th from 11am - 4pm. Get ready for a few nice surprises and some serious critical listening entrainment. We have a nice selection of records, but bring your vinyl if you like. Here's the...
  2. Robert_Zohn

    New York Audio Show returns to the Park Lane Hotel, Central Park, NYC November 10 - 12, 2017

    Anyone planning on attending the New York Audio Show in NYC? We're exhibiting with two rooms again this year. New York Audio Show returns to New York City, NY from November 10th - 12th 2017. The show will be hosted at the beautiful Park Lane Hotel on Central Park South, one of New York’s most...
  3. Dave Moritz

    Technics SB-G920 Speakers

    Does anyone here know the specs or know where I can find the specs for Technics SB-G920 4 way, 5 driver speakers? My father picked a pair up and I am trying to find out information on them.
  4. Robert_Zohn

    Technics and Value Electronics to present an advance preview of the new Grand Class

    Value Electronics is proud to partner with Technics for an advance preview event of the “Grand Class” component series launching this Summer. This Saturday, March 25 from Noon to 5pm for a Technics listening party at Value Electronics, 35 Popham Rd, Scarsdale. We will have an advance preview...
  5. Chevy_Monsenhor

    Bought a pair of 100W 8ohm speakers, how many watts amp i'm gonna need to drive them?

    So, i bought this beautiful and well kept matching pair of Technics SB-LX70 speakers. The speakers power handling is of 100w at 8ohms. Now i need an amplifier to drive said speakers, but how many watts i'm gonna need? I was thinking about buying a Pioneer SA-7500, maybe an Akai AM-35 integrated...
  6. Robert_Zohn

    Technics Open House at Value Electronics

    Now hear this... And I do mean hear this! "The return of the legendary and iconic Technics SL-1200GAE Turntable will be demonstrated at Value Electronics." Here's the full press release. Technics selected Value Electronics to be the premier launch partner for their 2016 SL-1200GAE Grand...
  7. S

    Is this amp any good?

    Hello! I'll get straight to it. I'm currently using a Technics SU-G91 amplifier. It is powering 2 Bose 2.2 bookshelf speakers, with a Technics SH-8017 graphic EQ hooked up to it. There's very little info online about this amp. Is it any good? Some people say it's cheap Chinese crapola, some say...