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  1. Johnny Angell

    Can I Subscribe to TCM?

    Can I subscribe to TCM via an app on the ATV?
  2. Garysb

    TCM Classic Movie Festival Home Edition 2020

    Thank You TCM for doing this. Really looking forward to it. April 16th to April 19th. Forgot to put dates in title. I believe these were the dates of the canceled festival. Link to schedule: http://filmfestival.tcm.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/TCMFF_2020_PrintSchedule-1.pdf
  3. Garysb

    Julie Andrews on TCM Cohosting A Salute to Julie Andrews 10/29

    STARRING JULIE ANDREWS - 10/29 TCM scores a triumph by presenting Julie Andrews, one of the best-loved international stars, as an on-camera co-host with Ben Mankiewicz for a screening of four Andrews films, three of which Andrews will join our TCM host in discussing. Andrews' appearance comes...
  4. Garysb

    The DuPont Show of the Month Wuthering Heights (1957) On TCM

    On Friday December 6, 2019 TCM will be showing a TV version of Wuthering Heights with Richard Burton as Heathcliff. Also in the cast is a very young Patty Duke as young Cathy. Rosemary Harris is billed as playing Catherine Earnshaw , the adult Cathy . Certainly worth checking out. Not sure...
  5. RolandL

    Sword and Sandal on TCM

    Damon and Pythias, Atlas and The Minotaur.were cropped to 1.33. The Colossus of Rhodes and The Slave looked fine at 2.35..
  6. RolandL

    3D Third Dimensional Murder short on TCM

    It was on TCM yesterday in anaglyph 3D. It said to put the red over the right eye, which I did and looked terrible. I tried switching red to left eye and still looked bad.
  7. RolandL

    Young Doctors 1961 on TCM right now with 1.33 AR, should be 1.85.

    I guess they are not always right.
  8. Sam Posten

    Watch TCM now on Apple TV

    Works just like HBO Go, log in to your cable subscriber and all their content is on demand, Or in my case it already knew I had fios subscription, asked for access and boom it had it. https://www.macrumors.com/2018/06/22/watch-tcm-app-launches-tvos/
  9. Robert Crawford

    TCM Remembers 2017!

    Unfortunately, another long list of people that left us in 2017:
  10. Garysb

    Barbara Stanwyck Christmas Double Feature TCM Friday 12/22 /17

    TCM will be showing "Christmas In Connecticut"followed by "Remember The Night" starting at 8 PM Friday Eastern Time. Great double feature on a cold winter night. Though in the NY area the forecast is for rain with temperatures in the 40's. So not so cold. I suspect it will be cold somewhere in...
  11. Jim*Tod

    TCM HD altering 1.33 films???

    I have noticed lately that TCM HD has been cropping films shot in the old 1.33 ratio. This morning's showing of 42ND STREET is an example. Not sure whether contacting TCM will help, but has anyone else noticed this?
  12. RolandL

    Winter Kills 1979 on TCM 1.33

    Can't believe it's cropped to 1.33, should be 2.4.
  13. Rodney

    Noir Alley on TCM

    I thought there was a thread on this, but I just did a search and I couldn't find any. It is great that Noir Alley is back after a month hiatus. I hope TCM keeps this show as an ongoing feature. I am really enjoying Eddie "The Czar of Noir" Muller's opening and closing commentaries on these...
  14. Garysb

    Silver Screen Icons 4 film sets from Warners Same As TCM sets

    https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=Silver+Screen+Icons These appear to be the exact same sets as the TCM 4 film sets with the TCM branding removed. Same films/same sets new packaging. A disappointment. If Amazon's description is correct these sets...
  15. RolandL

    John Paul Jones (1959) on TCM in HD

    Looks pretty good in HD right now. I wonder if a Blu-ray will ever be released for the US (there is a Spanish version).
  16. TJPC

    TCM Magazine

    My copy of "Now Playing" was a little late this month, so I went on the TCM website to see if I could check the status of my subscription. I was led to this page: https://secure.palmcoastd.com/pcd/eServ?iServ=MDI2MzE1ODA5NA== It states there that the TCM magazine will stop publishing this...
  17. Bob_S.

    TCM Big Screen Series: Singin' in the Rain

    I guess no one went out to see this? Took my family Sunday night to see it. I haven't seen the blu-ray yet but the picture quality was beautiful!! Not my favorite musical but thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a thrill to see the singin' in the rain number on the big screen. Probably the best looking...
  18. Garysb

    TCM Festival Film Restorations 2017

    From an e-mail I received. The Festival will also include world premiere restoration screenings of THE COURT JESTER (1955) and the 3D film THOSE REDHEADS FROM SEATTLE (1953) Never know whether to post here or on the blu ray forum as there is always speculation about new blu ray releases when...
  19. Garysb

    TCM Remembers Debbie Reynolds,” airing Friday, Jan. 27

    6 am | It Started With A Kiss (1959): After a whirlwind courtship, an Army officer and his wacky wife try to make their marriage work 7:45 am | Bundle Of Joy (1956): A shop girl is mistaken for the mother of a foundling 9:30 am | How The West Was Won (1963): Three generations of pioneers take...
  20. Robert Crawford

    TCM remembers those we lost in 2016!

    With maybe a few notable exceptions, especially, those we lost in the last week of this terrible year. http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/1282408/TCM-Remembers-2016-TCM-Original-.html
  21. RolandL

    Robin Hood on TCM squeezed and cropped

    The bottom of the picture is missing and its squeezed but still 1.33;1
  22. Garysb

    CBS Playhouse: The Glass Menagerie (1966) on TCM December 8, 2016

    Per the December listings on TCM this version with Shirley Booth as Amanda and Hol Holbrook as Tom will be shown. I imagine this is the first time this has production has been shown in 50 years other than at the Museum of Radio and Television assuming they have it. The listing just says The...
  23. RolandL

    Brigitte Bardot titles on TCMHD 8/23 - subtitles cropped

    Did anyone watch the Brigitte Bardot films that were on a TCM 8/23? You could not read the subtitles as they were too far below the image. The problem was these were SD up-converted to HD so, cropped from the SD signal. If you watched SD TCM they looked OK. Later they stopped the up-convert to...
  24. L

    Watch TCM (on computer) and recording via Replay Video

    I use WatchTCM on my computer using my cable login. I have been experimenting recording using Replay Video (my understanding is this is completely legal) I've done this in the past a few times with Warner Archive and the shows looked really good but when I do WatchTCM they are very soft images...
  25. classicmovieguy

    So... have the TCM "Greatest Classic Films" sets stopped?

    It's been a while since I've heard/seen a new announcement in this series. I know many aren't interested in this line, because it simply recycles titles that have already been released, it's still a very important tool in keeping the films it contains in circulation - on pressed discs when they...
  26. E

    TCM to

    start it's own streaming service this fall???!!!