1. JediFonger

    TCL owners

    i searched and couldn't find any previous threads for this.... so i thought i'd start one. just entered the "4k race" as it were with an older model P605. wanted to know what calibration settings you are using for this model/tv. these are ones i've found from google...
  2. J

    Replacement for the TCL 75R617 ?

    Does anyone know if there is a new 4k model coming that will replace the 75R617 ? I don't see anything on their website. I'm interested in this TV, and I'm wondering if I should wait a little while. Thanks.
  3. Sega

    TCL- Roku TV.

    I have a TCL-Roku 4K TV. Amazon Hulu going on it. With my Laser Disc & 4K DVD player. Yes I can still get Laser Disc movies. Just need to look good. And I also have a VHS player hooked up to it. Got 500 VHS tapes. Having a great time with it all.
  4. JayAre

    TCL 4k HDR pass though Receiver/Soundbar?

    I have been wanting to add in my Vizio SB4051-C0 to my TCL 55S403 but couldn't get the ARC working and still be able to get 4k HDR passthrough Picture always dropped to HD. I then bought a 4K Receiver (Sony STR-DN840) that is supposed to support 4K Passthrough but for the life of me I cant get...
  5. Demonyx

    TCL 65R617 55" 4K Smart LED TV (horizontal lines issue)

    tl;dr I am having horizontal lines appear on start up, shut down, when I adjust the volume, or change inputs. SETUP: Devices TCL 65R617 55" 4K Smart LED TV (2018) Denon AVRS730H 7.2 Channel AV Receiver Sony UBP-X800 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Roku Streaming Stick+ Speakers (7.1) 2 Floor...
  6. Josh Steinberg

    Looking for advice on a new TV: TCL 6 Series vs Vizio P Series or something else?

    My LG plasma recently met an unfortunate end, and I'm now in the market for a new TV. My budget and requirements might be slightly unusual because while this TV will be in our main living room, it's not necessarily going to be the primary display device, as I also have a projector in the same...
  7. mb1685

    TCL 6 series vs. P series quality control

    I'm in the market for a budget-conscious 55" TV. The TCL P series seems to be pretty universally praised for the price. It also seems like the new TCL 6 series is even better than the discontinued P series in some regards on paper, but I seem to be finding a concerning amount of claims of issues...
  8. Demonyx

    TCL 55R617 Receiver Recommendations?

    (1) I have a TCL 65R617 55" 4K Smart LED TV (2018) and an 10+ year old Pioneer 7.1 Elite Receiver and speakers. The receiver is completely dead. What I would like to do is keep the speakers (which are still in great shape and sound good to me) and swap out a new receiver that would work with my...
  9. Wes K

    Dolby Vision TCL 6 Series Issue

    I have a Samsung UBD-K8500 4K bluray player connected to my TCL 55R615 with an amazon basics HDMI 2.0 cable. Both have the newest software version. Playing The Matrix 4K bluray and the Grease 4K bluray, both encoded with Dolby Vision, only the "HDR" icon pops up in the corner. In the TCL...
  10. EVDebs

    Just Bought TCL 55c803 and Cheap Monoprice 5.1 Surround Sound Speaksers

    Now I'm looking for a 5.1 AV receiver probably used since I only have a little more than $100 to spend. I'm currently looking on Ebay and have found a few so far that I'm interested in "Pioneer VSX-D511 5.1 Channel Audio Video Stereo Receiver w Remote XXD3038 Bundle" and "Yamaha RX-V375 5.1...
  11. Alf S

    Educate me on hooking up ARC from smart TV to A/V receiver

    Ok, for most A/V things I'm pretty savvy and can get things up and running fairly easily. But this whole "ARC" set up stuff is tripping me up. My Pioneer VSX-1022 has ARC and my new TCL 4K Roku TV (TCL 55US57) has ARC but I'm having issues with how to get all sound to feed correctly into the...
  12. Scott Hart

    New Study From TCL Reveals 25 Most Popular APPS For The TV

    Scott Hart New Study From TCL Reveals 25 Most Popular APPS For The TV CORONA, CA – May 18, 2017 - TCL®, America’s fastest-growing television brand and leader in providing streaming content, today published the results of a new national survey* conducted by Ipsos on TV app usage, the...
  13. Scott Hart


    Scott Hart TCL REDEFINES HOME ENTERTAINMENT WITH PREMIUM 2017 LINEUP FEATURING DOLBY VISION TCL®, one of the world’s largest and America’s fastest-growing television brand, today (5/11/17) announced pricing and availability of its 4K HDR TCL Roku TV™ models. The new U.S. portfolio, shown...
  14. Alf S

    Thoughts on this budget "4k" TCL TV?

    We aren't looking to spend a bunch of money on a new 55"-60" HDTV and I found this TV for about $400 at Wal Mart. We already have 3 Roku TV's in our bedrooms (TCL, Insignia, Sharp) and like how easy it is to use them, how easy it is to access streaming apps etc. since we cut the cable of DTV...