1. Adam Lenhardt

    Deadly Class (Syfy)

    The latest Syfy Original is an adaptation of Rick Remender's Image Comics series of the same name, about a school for teenage assassins hidden in 1987 San Francisco. Produced by the Russo brothers, this show has the production values of a premium cable series or a streaming original. It's also...
  2. MarkMel

    Channel Zero - SYFY

    So I was trying to remember a show I watched last year. About a haunted house and another dimension. It was driving me nuts. I then remembered that John Carol Lynch was in it, a check on IMDB showed me that it was the No End House, a season of the anthology series Channel Zero. Last year I...
  3. mattCR

    SyFy Krypton Season 1

    SyFy premiered Krypton this evening, season 1.
  4. Adam Lenhardt

    Happy! (Syfy)

    Anybody else check this out tonight? Christopher Meloni stars as Nick Sax. Formerly the NYPD's most prominent Special Victims Unit detective, Sax was disgraced and dismissed from the force and now scrapes the bottom of the barrel as a nigh-indestructible hitman and raging alcoholic. His life...
  5. joshEH

    TREMORS Pilot starring Kevin Bacon (Syfy)

    Looks like Kevin Bacon has just officially signed onto Syfy's new Tremors TV series pilot, reprising his role as Val from the original film: Better be white trash as shit. This is everything I ever wanted. Let's...
  6. DaveF

    SyFy - The Expanse (Season 2)

    The Expanse returns February 1. And thanks to The Alamo Drafthouse, I'm going for a cinematic early viewing of the first two episodes! Season 1 thread