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svs pb-2000

  1. Colin Dunn

    Dual sub observations (SVS PB-2000)

    For years, I have dreamed of going to dual subs. Yesterday, I finally got to try dual subs for myself, and the experience was a little different than I expected. No regrets, but a few observations. First of all, when I re-ran Audyssey on my pre-pro (Marantz AV7703), it had me set the volume...
  2. B

    Dual SVS PB-2000s or Single SVS PB-4000?

    I'm looking at purchasing either dual SVS PB-2000 subs or a single PB-4000 sub. Which is better? The prices are similar, the PB-4000 is $300 more ($1,900 vs $1,600). This is for movie watching only and will be paired with a 7 channel SVS prime system. The living area is large and open floor...