1. C

    Help selecting Bose surround speakers

    I recently purchased a Bose Sound Bar 700 and I’m trying to decide on which surround speakers to buy to compliment it. I have been reading up on this and it has left me totally confused. The system is going in my family room which is 24’ deep by 12’ wide. The 60” TV is in front with the sound...
  2. B

    Ceiling surround sound

    In our new room I want to add a 5.1 surround sound system. I will need ceiling speakers as part of the system. I have a samsung smart tv. I know a system utilizes a center speaker and two front speakers and a subwoofer and two rear speakers and the receiver. I have to have ceiling speakers...
  3. melodram

    How do movie-studios convert mono into surround?

    Hi, I always wonder how movie-studios convert mono into surround? If the film was made with only one mono-track, how do they create 5 channels, like in "The Exorcist"?
  4. Clinton McClure

    Center and Surround Dilemma

    Hey gang! For a number of years, I was using our living room as a 5.1 HT with a pair of Paradigm Monitor 9s (v1), a Paradigm CC-350 center channel, a pair of Paradigm ADP-170 surrounds, and a Paradigm Servo-15 (1st gen) sub. About 10 years ago, my wife decided she wanted to rearrange the...
  5. W

    Surround problem in Marantz SR7007 Receiver

    Hello. I own this Marantz which I purchased new in 2013 and have had very little trouble since then; however, that all changed a few days ago when I noticed that my left surround speaker (channel) had dropped way low in volume. So I ran the Audyssey program again, after doing a receiver...
  6. J

    Help: Where to put surrounds on bedroom with limited space

    Hi, I am installing atmos speakers soon turning my 5.1 to a 5.1.4 system. Due to this, the rear atmos speakers will be very near my surrounds. In this regard, I have 3 options: 1) Retain the surrounds where they are. 2) Move my surround speakers to the sides (location A). If this is the...
  7. N

    Piecing together surround on the cheap

    I am new to all of this so thanks for your time and any expertise you all can share. I am starting to piece together a 7.1 system on the cheap, by adding the right parts where I can find them - ebay, letgo, CL, GoodWill, etc. I am starting with a BA CRC7. I dont have a receiver yet either...
  8. Curry

    Need advice on surround sound on new construction house

    I’m building a house and wanting to have a custom surround sound system built into the ceilings and walls. Any advice on receivers, speakers, and ceiling subs? I don’t really want the sub in the wall or standing by itself. I have a 75” sony tv for the living room. The room is 20’x20’ roughly...
  9. Greg Lovern

    20 Year Old 5.1 Surround Sound System

    I have a ~20 year old 5.1 surround sound system buried in the back of a storage room. It predates HDMI; the receiver's best audio connection is optical. My television set has an optical output (Sanyo FW65R70F). Before I become a human backhoe and go dig it out, any thoughts on whether it would...
  10. Osato

    LG OLED surround audio HDMI ARC issue and not passing 5.1 audio with streaming devices??

    I have an LG OLED 65 inch TV. It is the OLED 65B7 a model. I am having an issue with streaming services and audio. The first issue involves the use of HDMI ARC. When Enabled my television eventually times out from the Internet and I am forced to disable HDMIARC before it will allow me to...
  11. C

    Surround sound

    I have an issue that has me stumped. I recently bought a LG TV 75UM80 along with a Yamaha sound bar ATS-1080. I am trying to run those through my Denon receiver AVR-S510BT. The sound bar is hooked into the optical port. I have 5:1 speakers (they are ancient Panasonics and will get replaced...
  12. M

    tv not working with surround sound and other dumb qs

    hi all, im new here, seems like there are a lot of helpful souls out there which is cool to see. hope some1 can help w this. first, here's my setup: tv - samsung LN-T5271F receiver - denon AVR-S540BT set top (verizon) - QIP7100 2 speakers -sony center console and subwoofer, samsung front and...
  13. S

    7.1 Signal into 9.2 Receiver

    Hello all. I am new to the site, and this is my first post on HTF. So thanks in advance for any and all feedback, My apologies if this is not the right area to post this topic. I am finishing my basement and have decided to put in a dedicated home theater room. The decision came to me a...
  14. E

    Surround Modes

    So I right now have a 7.1 multi channel set up. I use a Marantz SR5003 as my AV receiver. My center speaker is a Polk Audio CS10, my front left and right speakers are Polk Audio RTi4, and the SL, SR, SBR, and SBL are Polk Audio RM2350. My subwoofer is the Infinity R12 reference subwoofer. Now...
  15. Colin Dunn

    DVR with 1080i + surround recording?

    Right now, I'm looking into DVR devices that also have live TV viewing capabilities. I was nearly sold on the Amazon FireTV Recast until I learned that it only records in 720p. Also, the four tuners are not completely independent; only two may be used for recording at a time, and two for...
  16. E

    Help choosing amp for rear surround speakers for pioneer Vsx-39tx elite

    Have pioneer VSX-39TX ELITE what amp (affordable) would I need to power rear surround Klispsch T30's? Fronts are Klispsch KG4's Sides are Pioneer CS 911's Center phase tech Powered sub SA-W303 Very confusing trying too figure out amp, pre-amp, integrated, ect any help would be appreciated...
  17. B

    Help Planning 5.1 Surround Setup

    I'm planning an in-wall 5.1 surround sound setup for my game room. I have 4 Polk 265-RT speakers for front/backs and a Polk 255C-RT for the center channel. 65" TV. Game room layout attached or can be seen here: The wall where my TV will go is only about...
  18. A

    7.1 Side Surround Help!

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out what would be best in a 7.1 setup for side surrounds. I currently have RC62, RF600 L+R, and R15Ms for my rears. I found a good deal locally used for RF82s ($500 CAD) which I was thinking I could move the 600s to the sides and use the 82s as mains. I also...
  19. eddified

    Should I Parallel wire speakers, or cut down the number of speakers?

    I've got a 7.2 receiver w/ Atmos. I'm building a theater in a room that is about 12' x 19'. There will be two rows of seating. My concern is that with only two surround speakers (one left surround, and one right surround), and two ceiling speakers (one left, one right), only one row of the...
  20. crowe-t

    WTB: Miller & Kreisel(M&K) Surround SS550 THX Speakers

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair of Miller & Kreisel Surround SS550 THX speakers. I'm looking for the ones made in the USA by the original M&K. Please PM me if you have a set. Thanks.
  21. R

    Klipsch Surround and Subwoofer New in Box Never opened

    (2) Klipsch RS-62II surround speakers New in Box, never opened $250 each (1) Klipsch SW-115 Subwoofer New in box never opened $550 Located in Charlotte, NC Russ 412-980-1000
  22. C

    Advise on surround sound settings

    Newbie here. I have a basic 5 speaker surround sound set up. Panasonic SA-XR55 Receiver. My question is on the speaker settings, particularly the center speaker where the movie dialogue comes from. Most of the time, the voices are too quiet, or sound muffled. Turning up the volume is not an...
  23. SammyQ2

    How can I set up effective surround sound in our living room?

    Hello folks. I'm very happy to have stumbled across this forum. We have a two year old 55" Sony Braveria HDTV, a brand new Yamaha RX-V385 5.1 receiver, and my trusty pair of 40+ year old Dynaco A35 speakers. I just picked up a pair of Bose 161 speakers which I intended to use for the rear...
  24. A

    Surround sound

    Hello! My wife and I are breaking ground on a new house soon and I have the good fortune to have a woman that knows how much a man wants a shop. Itll be around 55 by 45 with a 20' ceiling and mezzanine around 2 sides. I have no idea how to wire this for sound. This space will be a shop, place...
  25. R

    rear surround

    I bought Klipsch R15m bookshelf speakers for the rear channel and I want to wall mount them but I havent found anything that works. I was going to use the hangman mounting bracket and 3/4" cabinet screws but I dont know where the crossover is on the back or bottom of the speaker. has anyone wall...
  26. Uncle Freddy

    7.1 Surround / wireless or wireless interface for current speakers & sub

    greetings, my wife and I are moving into our new house that has a great room configuration, we are going to be using our 52-inch flat screen for our 7.1 surround sound system, our problem is radiant floor heat and my inability to freely drill holes and and pull wires .... question to The Forum...
  27. Dave Moritz

    Next Generation In Immersive / Surround Sound ?

    Both commercial cinema and home video sound have come along way from where they use to be. We are honestly very spoiled with what we can enjoy in our homes now and spoiled with what we enjoy in commercial cinemas. I am going to stick with home video this time around. When we started off we...
  28. Sooshi

    Rear Surround not working

    Denon AVR-S730H 7.2 is the receiver in question. I set it up a couple of weeks ago, but only had the 2 front channels and the center channel. The two rears were wired into our crawl space and I wanted to prod around and see where everything went before I set up the rears. The front 3 work...
  29. byggd

    Need a new Surround Received with A/B Front Speaker

    Greetings! I haven't been in the market for a AV received in some time and have lost track of what is out there. My Pioneer Elite bit the dust. I am running Polk front and center speakers / Bose 201 rear and a infinity sub. I don't need a unit with all the bells and whistles but wouldn't mind...
  30. Legion

    PS4 and Surround Sound

    Morning all, I do feel that I am going to get banned from this forum for keep asking questions. lol. But here goes. Some of you know that I have just set up a new toy. Onkyo 5.1.2 s/s/system. My next task is to connect my PS4 to the system and have the correct sound settings. I have...