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  1. S

    Noob asks Questions? $5,000 4k Short throw Projector.

    Hi everyone I am new to hometheater and want to join in! These are a few questions I have and any answers are greatly appreciated. PROJECTOR: BETWEEN BOTTOM 4 - I have full control over lighting where it will be used Do all projectors have the ability for 3D? (the LG HU85LA in particular) Do...

    Help Support the Puppetoon Animation of George Pal on Blu-ray

    Coming! The Puppetoon Movie Volume 2! Your continued contributions are very much appreciated. Screen Credit for all Donors Details here: https://www.scifistation.com/puppetoon2.html In the 1930s and 1940s, long before Academy Award®-winning genius George Pal made classic features like The Time...
  3. Dave Moritz

    Is Dolby Atmos & DTS-X the last format consumers will support?

    While this could apply to both disc and streaming formats let's try not to concern ourselves with the delivery format but the audio format and the number of channels delivered by the audio format. We have come such a long way on the audio side and many of us have been in this hobby since the...
  4. Cranston37+

    Apple TV 4 now with Dolby Atmos support

    With today’s release of tvOS 12, Apple TV 4 and iTunes now supports Dolby Atmos. Any title you own that gains Atmos will automatically get the upgrade for free. Apple TV 4 now supports Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and HDR10...
  5. John Dirk

    Does Netflix Really Support Atmos With Windows 10 App

    To avoid further derailing of the "Looking for a Reliable Inexpensive Blu Ray Player" thread I figured I would branch off here. I've been trying [without much success] to get Atmos content to play via my Windows 10 HTPC for awhile now. I have the latest build and everything in my playback...
  6. rob kilbride

    Will my set up support a region free but 25 fps bluray disk?

    I want to order Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World bluray It's isted as region free on blu-ray.com but a note says most US players will not play it because it is 25 fps. Will my Oppo UDP-203 player, and OLED65E6P support 25 fps playback?
  7. Sam Posten

    Netflix adding Dolby Atmos support starting today with Okja

  8. rob kilbride

    Do all UHD Blu-ray players support 3d Blu-ray?

    With Black Friday coming up I need to know if I need to check for 3D support or not.
  9. I

    DMA Customer Support

    Hoping this is the correct forum for this questions. Has anyone had success contacting DMA support? I've submitted (I think) 3 tickets for a Disney movie that I purchased in iTunes that has not imported into my DMA account / other connected services. DMA doesn't provide any sort of ticket...