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  1. billwhitt

    In-Wall Ported Vs Sealed subs for home theater

    Kind of a novice looking to build a home theater. Very limited space will require me to go in wall and ceiling with the speakers. I was looking at the sonance R12SUB as it has a frequency response down to 25Hz, the lowest I can find for an in-wall sub. I was thinking 2 of these in the front of...
  2. bscriv77

    Small Room Subwoofer Upgrade - Single or Dual?

    I had my home theater set up last October ('17) and have been enjoying it ever since. All the equipment was new with the exception of the subwoofer, which I had from my older set up - an HSU STF-2 Powered Subwoofer (10”). Now I'm itching for an upgrade... I saw that SVS released a newer series...
  3. C

    Did my dd. need Speaker advice/opinions for first system.

    Okay bear with me I will try to explain this is clearly as I can there is a lot to write so I may miss a few things along the way. So I've been doing DD for the past month and as far as AV units I've decided on the Denon x4400h. The price isn't too horrible I can get one for around a grand it's...
  4. D

    Looking to have dual subs. What is the best match for Aperion Bravus 10D?

    I have been looking at the speedwoofer 10s, svs pb-1000 or 2000, bic pl-200. What would pair best with my current Aperion Bravus 10D?