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  1. Dick

    Does StudioCanal now control Lester's THREE/FOUR MUSKETEERS?

    If so....why haven't we decent Blu-rays? These were popular movies in 1974-5, and so far we've had only truly crappy Fox Lorber DVDs, and badly cropped Region B transfers that are anything but acceptable. The Optimum UK Blu-ray releases might have been decent, but for the fact that the image for...
  2. titch

    International Angel Heart 4K UHD StudioCanal UK 14 October 2019

    Oh I'm a big fan of this! Must have seen this a dozen times when it came out over 30 years ago - I had the infamous Lisa Bonet Interview poster tacked onto my bedroom wall. My previous blu-ray is the UK 2009 disc, which looks completely rubbish projected. Looks like there'll be another Halloween...
  3. titch

    International StudioCanal new 4K restored Kind Hearts & Coronets

    The greatest Ealing comedy and one of the all-time greatest British films has just been upgraded. I just did a quick comparison between the new region 'B'-locked 4K restoration of Kind Hearts & Coronets and the one previously released in 2011. To my eyes, the differences in picture quality are...
  4. titch

    The Deer Hunter 40th anniversary STUDIOCANAL 4K

    I received the Studiocanal 4K package of The Deer Hunter today. I'll have to wait a few weeks before I can see the whole film, so have been looking at the scenes of the deer hunt, after the wedding. I project in 4K on a 133 inch screen, without UHD turned on. I no longer have the Universal...
  5. atfree

    International Ice Cold in Alex (1958)- 60th Anniversary Blu-Ray coming 2/19/18

    StudioCanal have officially announced that they celebrate the 60th anniversary of director J. Lee Thompson's adventure film Ice Cold in Alex (1958) with a brand new Blu-ray release, which will be available for purchase on February 19. Synopsis: 1942. The Libyan war zone, North Africa. After a...
  6. titch

    International Belle De Jour 50th Anniversary blu ray 4K restoration StudioCanal Region B

    I'm sure there are fans of this erotic masterpiece wondering whether the region B StudioCanal restoration is worth the plunge. I've just received my copy of StudioCanal's 4K restoration of Belle De Jour that was shown at Cannes this year. It's lovely - a comparison with the Criterion leaves the...
  7. Hal Masonberg

    FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD Warner or StudioCanal?

    I've only been able to find one online comparison between these two very different releases (DVDBeaver). While the Warner sports a DD 5.1 mix and the StudioCanal 2.0 mono, the StudioCanal version was restored in 4K off the original camera negative and overseen by DP Nicolas Roeg. I know the...