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  1. Ronald Epstein

    International Flash Gordon (1980) (4k UHD) 8/3/20

  2. Ronald Epstein

    International The Elephant Man (4k UHD) coming from Studio Canal

    APRIL 6th https://www.amazon.co.uk/Elephant-Man-Blu-ray-John-Hurt/dp/B08443ZDHB/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=the+elephant+man+4k&qid=1579781358&sr=8-1
  3. Ronald Epstein

    International Check out these 4K Studio Canal releases in 2020

  4. darkrock17

    Where is the rest of the Original Avengers (Steed & Mrs. Peel)?

    I've been watching The Avengers along with Danger Man aka (Secret Agent in the US) on the fairly new CHARGE network on the weekends and that got me wondering why hasn't the rest of this classic spy-fi series been released on Blu-ray? By now this series should be available as a mostly complete...