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  1. EricSchulz

    Hollywood (Netflix)

    Is anyone else watching this? "Inspired" by some real life events in Hollywood's Golden Age, it gets the trademark Ryan Murphy sex/soap opera/stylized adult drama treatment. Loved the first two episodes, and it's GREAT to see Holland Taylor and Patti Lupone in this!
  2. J

    Streaming Media player to replace dead CD player

    My CD changer died and I have a ton of CDs. I decided to enter the new age and use my Synology NAS to stream ripped copies of my collection. Since I have a ROKU I added the appropriate channel and connected to the Synology device just fine and am able to stream music. I was actually rather...
  3. C

    Possible to get a good home theater projector for under $500?

    I'm looking to get a decently bright projector to replace our TV but not I'm looking to spend a fortune. Any there any good projectors out there that anyone can recommend coming in under $500? A big must is being able to use the projector with a streaming device -- we have an Amazon Fire Stick.
  4. C

    Need suggestions for streaming media player

    Hi everyone. First post. I am using Xfinity wireless connection and an old LCD tv with no smart function. I have HTPC doing the streaming but not satisfied with the performance so looking for a streaming media solution. My BluRay players are old and failing so I will probably replace them with...