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  1. Ken Koc

    8 Woody Allen films are now finally available to purchase streaming Bundle is on sale for $49.99

    BULLETS OVER BROADWAY, CELEBRITY, EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU, MIGHTY APHRODITE, SMALL TIME CROOKS, CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION, HOLLYWOOD ENDING and ANYTHING ELSE are now available on VUDU for purchase in HDX or SD for $12.99...rental $2.99. The bundle is $49.99 ( Pardon , I posted in the wrong...
  2. G

    Lossless streaming music content: who's in charge?

    After it was announced that Apple Music would be adding lossless streaming to entire catalog, I started to wonder: who's in charge of providing such content to the streaming platforms? Record labels? After much that has been said, asked, and explained about ripping CDs (and other formats) to...
  3. EricSchulz

    Hollywood (Netflix)

    Is anyone else watching this? "Inspired" by some real life events in Hollywood's Golden Age, it gets the trademark Ryan Murphy sex/soap opera/stylized adult drama treatment. Loved the first two episodes, and it's GREAT to see Holland Taylor and Patti Lupone in this!
  4. J

    Streaming Media player to replace dead CD player

    My CD changer died and I have a ton of CDs. I decided to enter the new age and use my Synology NAS to stream ripped copies of my collection. Since I have a ROKU I added the appropriate channel and connected to the Synology device just fine and am able to stream music. I was actually rather...
  5. C

    Possible to get a good home theater projector for under $500?

    I'm looking to get a decently bright projector to replace our TV but not I'm looking to spend a fortune. Any there any good projectors out there that anyone can recommend coming in under $500? A big must is being able to use the projector with a streaming device -- we have an Amazon Fire Stick.
  6. C

    Need suggestions for streaming media player

    Hi everyone. First post. I am using Xfinity wireless connection and an old LCD tv with no smart function. I have HTPC doing the streaming but not satisfied with the performance so looking for a streaming media solution. My BluRay players are old and failing so I will probably replace them with...