1. J

    Sub is make static sound

    Hi, I have an Energy subwoofer that is making a static sound, like white noise, when nothing is connected and when connected. It is a powered subwoofer and no other speakers have this sound when hooked up. The Onkyo amp is new and does not produce this sound in any of the other speakers...
  2. Elfmaze

    TV for Static Photography display

    Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble picking a way to do this safely. obviously OLED is out. But looking for a 60 to 65 inch TV for displaying my photographs. From what I've gathered I'm avoiding OLED like the plague, IPS panels might be a bit risky, VA panels look like the most...
  3. Jamie Murphy

    Sub Woofer Static

    Just recently started getting some static from my Omage 10" powered home theatre sub. It's only occasional and not overly loud. I am running with a Yamaha HTR-6190 Receiver. Pioneer Centre Channel, Pro-Linear surround speakers. I am convinced that it is isolated to the subwoofer itself as the...
  4. R

    Logitech Z623 Humming/Static

    Model: Z623 2.1 The right speaker has a power button and is a VGA connector. When it's turned on, the subwoofers would hum at 60hz and the speakers would produce static. regardless of whether or not the system's plugged into my laptop. Observed stuff: a) there's a headphone jack on the right...
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