1. Cranston37

    YouTube TV dropping Fox regional sports channels

    Well, great. I might have to make a move. Includes YES Network.
  2. JohnRice

    Streaming Live Prime Sports

    I decided to try tonight’s Eagles at Packers game live on Prime sine it said it would be 4K. One great thing I noticed is that it seems to have dvr style pause and resume, but I can’t figure out a way to fast forward back to live. I suspect this is because they don’t want people to skip...
  3. Dheiner

    Sports viewing

    I would like to hear the opinion of anyone who can compare OLED to "QLED" regarding viewing fast sports. {(If this is out of place, mods, of course, feel free to move it.) Not like you need MY permission....}
  4. Tony Bensley

    Muhammad Ali "The Greatest", Passes Away At 74!

    Muhammad Ali Has Sadly, Passed Away!