1. E

    3 Definitive Technology center channels + 2 bookshelf speaker setup assistance needed!

    Hi, I managed to score some Definitive Technology speakers off Craigslist for a steal, but it's sort of an unusual mix of speakers. I have 3 Deftech center channels.. 1 Procenter 2000, and 2 Procenter 1000's... I also have 2 Promonitor 100's. My question is, how do you suggest laying this...
  2. D

    My wall mount broke

    I have an Energy Encore home theatre kit that is fairly old now. A few days ago the wall mount broke and the speaker fell down. Thankfully it was in a carpeted room, so the damage to the speaker was minor. What can I buy to mount these speakers? The metal plate on the back of the speaker can be...
  3. Mr. Shelly

    HT receiver abilities/settings... I need your help

    I am changing my speakers which require more power to be all they can be. They will need to be bi-amplified. On my Sony STR-DA3ES receiver does the second room (or B) speakers split the front "A" channel in stereo mode? Or does this use say the rear speaker channels to drive them? The reason I...
  4. R

    Wire Speaker as Front (B Channel) and (Rear Speaker A Channel) but not at same time

    I have four Yamaha NS-IW280 speakers in living room and Kitchen. The kitchen speakers are situated to the rear of the couch. 90% of the time these will be used to just play music (so my wife can listen to them while in the kitchen) and therefore I want them to play in stereo (as apposed to no...
  5. R

    What center channel speaker to get?

    I have a sort of conundrum... Below is my setup. I want a center channel, but i know my girl will NOT want a stand on the floor. There isn't enough room on the top of the cabinet for a decent size speaker because it will block the TV. The top section is 5.5" tall. So... are there any center...
  6. F

    Is the problem with the sub or the AVR or both?

    I have the Yamaha rxv-800 (to download manual: http://download.yamaha.com/search/pr...uct_id=1064064) and am using a Paradigm PD-8. We recently had a thunder/lightening storm that fried the board within our security panel, and also may have done something to either the sub or the AVR. For the...
  7. J

    Blu-ray player with solid TV speaker audio playback?

    I have been using my PS3 as a Blu-ray player for years. I want to get a stand alone one for under $200. My two main concerns are: -Audio: I am currently only using my TV's built in speakers. I want a BD player with solid, balanced audio so the dialogue isn't drowned out, etc. -Fast...
  8. RyanWerling78

    Atmos, One Connect, Ceiling Speaker Questions

    Hello, new to the forum! I have recently been building a collection of equipment awaiting moving into my house. My current set up at my apartment is: TV: Samsung 65JS9500 Receiver: Marantz 6010 I went with Martin Logan Speakers Motion 60XT Towers Motion 8 Center channel (fits in my TV...
  9. nijunhiju

    Karaoke speaker

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie looking to buy a pair of karaoke speaker for my new house. My budget is 1000$, for now. I own a pair of jbl lsr 308, and really like the sound quality from it. If you can find similar brand that sound as good as jbl or so, please introduce it to me, thanks guys. As for the...
  10. S

    Did I damage my speakers?

    Hello! I did something the other day that I probably shouldn't have done. Before I get into the details, here's my setup. 2x Bose 2.2 (from 1992) Technics SU-G91 amp (150wpc) Technics EQ SH 8017 Okay. Me and my friends were playing around in Audacity, and I decided to amplify a song by its...
  11. J

    Polk M2 Speaker replacement

    I have an old Polk M2 speaker system which is no longer being sold, with one of the front speakers being blown out. I love the speakers and it has been a great investment and I am looking for an replacement one, which will give a better experience. I tried Bose Lifetouch , Definitive Audio 600...
  12. Adam Gregorich

    Black and Tan Theater Construction Thread (Just upgraded to Dolby Atmos)

    I'm a little late with this as the finishing touches are underway, but I figured it might be helpful to others to see my theater construction pictures. I'll start with a finished shot and then start at the beginning. Here is where it is at today: (UPDATE: Dolby Atmos has been added. Updated...
  13. P

    Speaker options on budget

    Hi, Would like Speaker set recommendation for new Yamaha RX-V479 receiver I plan on purchasing. Cannot spend too much but looking for decent 5.1 speakers. Thanks,
  14. Dave Upton

    Power Sound Audio MT-110 Loudspeaker Review

    What happens when a couple of subwoofer luminaries try to design speakers? That was my first question when Tom & Jim of Power Sound Audio launched their new MT series loudspeakers. Given the unique components and pricing, I gave them a call and asked if they could send over some MT-110’s for me...
  15. BenA

    Temporary picture loss with big bass sounds

    Hi All: Could use some help please. I have an "In Focus" projector, hooked up through a THX receiver. My player is a PS3. I finally have my room set up the way that I want it; 8, in wall speaker (2 rear, 2 side, 2 front, 2 ceiling) plus a sub woofer. Picture is awesome, sound is great. Here's...
  16. Greg_sford

    Yamaha RX-V675 and 4-ohm speakers

    I'm upgrading the HT equipment to go with the new Samsung plasma TV. Looks like I goofed by jumping on an Amazon deal for a Yamaha RX-V675 ($350). (The old H/K AVR 525 doesn't do HDMI and was getting quirky.) Going to set up the new Yamaha, I (re)discovered that the speakers are 4-ohms. The...
  17. Audio14


    What are your thoughts on the new beasts from MartinLogan, the Neolith? Are they worth the suggested MSRP of about $80K? And what amp would you use to power, truly enjoy them?
  18. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L SuperTower Review

    Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L SuperTower Review As I was walking the halls of CEDIA Expo 2013, I chanced upon Definitive Technology’s booth, where they had a pretty long line of folks waiting to hear their new flagship loudspeaker. At the time I had no idea that this was the Mythos...
  19. Herschel Frierson

    Pioneer Elite VSX-44 or Denon AVR-S700W

    With all the Black Friday Sales, need to know which should I buy?
  20. Herschel Frierson

    Need to Replace Denon AVR-391

    Here is my current set-up on my Home Theatre: 2 Episode ES-500-Point-6 Ceiling Speakers, 3 Episode ES-700-IWLCR-5 In-Wall Dual woofer Speakers, Episode ES-Sub-12-300 Subwoofer Must be 3D Passthrough. Any suggestions?
  21. Herschel Frierson

    Help on Bass Traps, Placement and What to Buy?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Looking to buy some bass traps to enhance my small home theatre room.
  22. N

    Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Sub Vs Polk Audio TL1600 Sub ?

    I need a Powered Subwoofer and also a couple of surround bookshelf speakers to run with my Denon x-3000.I have two options:1. Polk Audio TL 1600 (5.1) http://www.snapdeal.com/product/polk-audio-blackstone-tl1600-home/1409173 2. Wharfedale Diamond 9.1...
  23. W

    For Sale: Triad InWall Gold and Silver Speakers

    I am looking to sell: 2 Classic InWall Gold/4 Surround Sound Speakers. They have been painted off white but can be painted another color and I will be able to hook you up with Triad to get new mesh inserts if you need or want them. Asking for $650 Per Speaker for these. 2 InWall Silver/4...
  24. N

    Name the powerful Center speaker

    I need a center speaker. pls mention me some powerful center speaker which can deliver loud vocal sound....which one u prefer?
  25. M

    sony BDV-N590 speaker upgrade advice?

    I have only owned this sony BDV-N590 HTiB a few months, whilst on holiday my son decided to have a party and has possibly blown the magnetic fluid front l&r surround speakers. The dialouge is distorted all the time and the sound is awful now. Sony can`t replace the speakers as I have been told...
  26. R

    Improving "fake" 5.1 sound from a real source but connected through stereo RCA

    I have a 5.1 source on a laptop which I connected to my tv through hdmi (it downgrades it to stereo—does it throw away the extra channels or put them into the front channels?) which I connected through stereo RCA cables to my home theater sytem which then gives me "fake" 5.1. Is there anything I...
  27. N

    New Home - Audio pre-wire setup

    Hi, We are new home buyers, the builder is offering us an option of audit pre-wiring which we have added. What we want is to have in ceiling speakers in formal and living dining room that can play music from iphone/ipad wirelessly and also connect to the tv. I am thinking of getting the...
  28. E

    Subwoofer on a budget

    Okay, I've had a rag tag setup for a while. I have an Onkyo receiver with satellites and fronts with a Harman/kardon sub. Well I finely blew the 10". I'm looking for a decent amplified sub under $100. My theater room isn't that big and has great acoustics. Any suggestions.
  29. ArmSC

    Pioneer Speaker sale

    Just wanted to let everyone that the Pioneer speakers that are very popular are on sale on amazon. I just noticed and thought I would share with everyone looking for some good speakers at a great price. With these prices you could set up a nice 5.0 for under $200 and a killer 5.0 for under...
  30. W

    parasound hca -2205a

    Hello community! My Name is Bill from Parker colorado and I'm a newbie when it comes to the higher end of home theater. My first question is this: I recently got a hold of a parasound hca -2205a 5 ch amplifier which is a big Step up from the kind of components I have now.Problem is that I am...