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  1. Spottedfeather

    Speaker Wire And 3.5m Plugs

    I'm setting up a raspberry pi system soon...I hope. I have a question. I would be getting an amp to run the speakers. The amp I'm looking at has a 3.5m input plug. Which I would use to run a wire from the LCD controller board on the arcade 1up I'd be using. The amp uses bare speaker wire...
  2. S

    Speaker Wire Gauge Question

    Hi all, I am moving and am contemplating running new cable or keeping my existing. My Setup: 5.2.2 Atmos setup. Yamaha AVENTAGE 770W 7.2-Ch. 4 Yamaha NS-777 (FL, FR, SR, SL) - 6 ohm 1 Yamaha NS-C444 (Center) - 6 ohm 2 Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 (Atmos perspective) - 8 ohm 1 Martin...
  3. B

    Connecting Speaker Wire in Walls

    I have surround sound speaker wires run to a specific location in my living room. Now, I want to move my receiver to a new location in the room. I can easily run the new wire through the basement to the new location and pop it up into a different wall, but to do this I would have to make a...